House Clearing

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Whether you are moving into a new home, out of an old one...or staying where you are ~ house clearings can be beneficial for increasing the energy or the 'vibe' of your home.  This session is for clearing out negative energies {and/or entities} that may be in the space of your home.  A clearing can be beneficial to move out stale energy before moving into a new home.  If you plan to rent or sell a home, a clearing can increase the energy of the home to make it more salable.  If you are getting weird vibes in your home, or the energy feels may decide to do a house clearing to "sweep out the old energy"  so to speak.

Unless insisted and requested by the client at the time of purchase, no notes will be sent about the session.  I will send an email when the session has been done.  If there are any special messages that I feel are important to get through, I will certainly pass those on.  Otherwise, just allow the peace, joy, love, and light to wash over your home!

2 thoughts on “House Clearing

  1. I recently had Beth clear the energy before we moved into our new house and one friend remarked, “This house feels different than the other ones in the neighborhood.” I knew why! Beth had gone through and removed an entity around the fridge (oddly the fridge was damaged, too) and swept out some other negative energies from previous inhabitants. I also had her clear our old house as we readied it for sale. I am happy to report our old house sold in one week at very close to asking price. Thank you, Beth, for your support as our family makes changes for the better.

  2. Thank you for your kind words Caroline, it was a pleasure clearing {both} of your houses! <3 Blessings to you and your family for a bright future in your new home! So glad to hear that the old one sold so quickly! 😀

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