Health & Wellness Package

Health & Wellness Package Peaceful Sitting Position

This is the ultimate package in the area of Wellness.  This package includes a 6 card Health spread, Aura Balance, and Energy Healing Session.
*Readings will be emailed to you as a PDF document, along with a photo of your cards.  All messages from your healing sessions will also be included in your written document.

2 thoughts on “Health & Wellness Package

  1. Hi
    I dunno wat to say here but I wil giv it a go… I hav a lot of health issues. i suffer from anxiety disorder. depression. fibromyalgia. irratable bowel syndrome. sleep apnoea. I also hav a fibroid in my uterus and am at a funny age (peri menopause)
    I really do need a healing from you Beth!

    • Jane, I’m sorry to hear you are having this discomfort. My heart goes out to you. I am ready when you are. ….when you are ready to do a session, simply make a purchase using the PayPal shopping cart, and I will schedule you in my week. Sending you lots of love!
      ♥ Beth

      p.s. My services can not replace any kind of medical care, but energy healing is known to lessen discomfort and the angel messages included in this session could help shed some light on things that can help you with this situation. ♥

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