7 Days of Readings

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Enjoy a week of angel messages in your e-mail! I will pull one card for you every day, for a week. Just like the 30 day readings, each card will be drawn specifically for you. The angels will send messages to assist in bringing even more happiness and success to your life. This is a great introduction to the 30 day readings that I offer.

2 thoughts on “7 Days of Readings

  1. Would love to receive the cards you draw. I wanted to respond to you letting you know how much I enjoyed talking to you regarding my issues. You managed to hit me right on the head as well as Richard. I have taken to heart the advice you have given me and am currently looking for a Al Anon meeting. My question is since Richard’s addiction is chronic lying how will Al Anon help me understand his addiction. Things are still going a little rough, he continues to deny things, and i have stopped talking about our issues since it makes us crazy. I really do appreciate your advice. I may reach out to you again in the future if tht would be ok. Thank you again.

    • Hi Mary-Gail!

      I would be more than happy to do a set of daily readings for you, if that is what seems to be calling to you at this time. When you are ready, go ahead and click the “add to cart” button above to purchase your readings. I usually start the first card either the day of payment or the next day, depending on the timing that day and when the order comes through. 🙂 Sending you peaceful energy as you read this.

      Love, Beth

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