Mind DOES Matter

I thought that as I approach another Half Marathon this weekend, that I write about what’s on my mind.  First off, I should share that I have never been a runner…and I mean never!  I was the kid with the … Continue reading

Mood and Food

This is too good to not share!  This video is only 1 min. 34 sec. long, but it will change your day (it did mine!).  =) Tom Shadyac: Elevate Your Mood- And Your Breakfast Thank you Positively Positive for sharing … Continue reading

Finding Time by Dr. Melissa West

Written by Dr. Melissa West When I asked my yoga students what the biggest challenge they faced in their lives, the answer that came up again and again was time. Finding time to practice, not having enough time, time management, … Continue reading

What does Chakra mean?

I have had this idea to make a “Chakra” candle ever since I started making my crystal candles.  There has been some expressed interest in a candle like this, so I have put one together, finally!  =) What does Chakra … Continue reading

Healthy Body Candle~ NEW~

I have been asking Spirit for a weight loss candle, ever since I started making my candles a few months back.  I knew that I would make one, but the inspiration and information just wasn’t there for me yet.  Months … Continue reading