Maui’s Dolphin Meditation Candle

Maui's Dolphin
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This is a limited time candle!

Only 27 of these unique candles will be made.  I have previously put together a project called the “Dolphin Essence Candle”, in which I put together a candle pod of 25 candles with programmed quartz crystals inside the candles.  All of the Dolphin Essence Candles were sold and shipped around the world. These crystals are periodically re-energized and re-programmed with additional dolphin energy. I am called right now to put together another “candle pod”, with the energy and wisdom of the Maui’s dolphins - programmed within the quartz crystals that belong to this candle pod. Crystals will be “updated” by the Maui’s dolphins periodically. Included will be an organza pouch, where you can keep your energized crystals forever!  A special message from the Maui's dolphins will be included with your candle.


    • 100% All Natural Soy Wax
    • 100% Cotton Wick for clean burning
    • 100% Pure Aromatherapy – Relaxation Blend
    • Candle comes in a 4 oz. travel tin with a lid
    • 5 Quartz Crystals that have been energized in water with the Maui’s dolphin energy, love, and wisdom - these mini-crystals will appear at the bottom of your candle
    • Candles will all be aligned with one another energetically, to create a unity between all who have one (the dolphins have asked that you unite, as they do in pods)
    • Organza pouch included for storage of crystals when they reveal themselves
    • Price includes shipping within the USA
    • If ordering from outside if the USA, please email me for an invoice – shipping will be slightly more to ship out of the country.

About the Maui's Dolphins:
Hector’s and Maui’s dolphins are New Zealand’s national treasures – these beautiful, tiny marine mammals only live in New Zealand’s coastal waters – nowhere else in the world.

The dolphins are among the world’s smallest cetaceans, easily recognized by their distinctive dorsal fin shaped like a Mickey Mouse ear.
Hector’s dolphins (Cephalorhynchus hectori hectori) are found only around New Zealand’s South Island. A subspecies, the Maui’s dolphin (Cephalorhynchus hectori maui), lives in shallow coastal waters along the North Island’s western shores.

Hector's are classified as endangered, while Maui's are critically endangered. Maui’s dolphins are the world’s most rare marine cetacean – their entire population is now estimated at less than 70 individuals – on the very edge of extinction.
- World Wildlife Fund (World Wide Fund)

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