About Beth

~ Beth ~ Mystic Sea Angel ~


I am a teacher, healer, and spiritual messenger.  I currently reside in Southern California, and love being close to the ocean!  I find that water is a source of strength and healing for me.  My mission is to bring joy, love, and healing through my readings.  It is truly a blessing to help others connect with their angels and guides.

I have a beautiful family and I am proud to be the Mother of an angelic little boy!  I am a musician, and was a middle school band teacher before becoming a stay at home Mom, and Spiritual Coach.

My spiritual path in this lifetime really took flight after the passing of my Mother in 2003.  She was my best friend, an inspirational Mother, and simply a sweet soul to everyone who knew her!  Losing my Mom so soon in this life was very difficult for me, and started me on the path to find out my spiritual truth. 

I found myself attracting people, books, and events that would help me gain the knowledge that I would need to tap into my spiritual gifts.  It was through a series of synchronistic events and people that I came to recognize the gifts that I have to share with the world.  It has been a 10 year journey of self realization and growth.

I offer Angel Card & Intuitive Readings, Romance Readings, Crystal Card Readings, Energy & Aura Healing, and House Clearings.  I also make beautiful Meditation Candles infused with healing crystals and aromatherapy.  These candles are a Divinely inspired project to spread light, love, and healing to all who find their way here. 

I look forward to hearing from you.