Changing With The Seasons

seasons-wallpaper-2I don't blog often, but when I have an "ah-ha" moment, or an inspired thought, I try to organize my thoughts enough to share with you.  😉  Hopefully something I say will spark a feeling, an idea, or maybe you can relate.  Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments, I love to hear from my readers.

So, I woke up yesterday with a realization.  Nothing super earth shattering, as I'm sure many before me have realized this long before my moment.  I have come to realize that life has seasons!  I know, I know, you've heard it before, right?

I think we can all agree that we have seasons in life...childhood, teen years, young adulthood, adult, and the golden years.  That is no new revelation to me.  However, what I am realizing is just how much our circle of friends, our network, and everything around us shifts every time a season changes.

Think about it, how did your world and friends shift from child, teen, to adulthood and beyond?  Here's how it went for me... I stayed friends with many people from middle and high school.  I was highly involved in music, so I truly had a "family of friends" that shared a lifetime of experiences in a few short years  with me in my younger years.  Then I went to college and again surrounded myself with friends in the music department, the music, music, music.  🙂  Then I went into the work force and became a music you see a theme here?  LOL  But then when I got married and decided to start a family, everything shifted for me.  Sure, several select friends have stuck through it all...but that is a very select handful.  Upon becoming a Mother, many friends fell away simply because our kids didn't get along, or we had such opposite beliefs in parenting.  Don't get me wrong...I'm still friends with people who don't believe what I believe in the parenting department, lol, but parents, know what I mean....friendships just "change."  There's no other way to describe it, other than it is just different.

My son wouldn't take a bottle, even if it was pumped I was the Mom that breastfed exclusively for 13 months.  We stopped vaccinating at 12 months, so that put me in that "crazy person" category.  I didn't put him in pre-school like many of my friends did for "socialization" reasons, instead I stayed home with him and nurtured him at home and socialized him with other children in other ways (park play, gym class, t-ball, etc).  He is now 5 years old and starting a home schooled child.  So, now we are that weird family who home schools.  LOL  Isn't it funny all of the judgements and perceptions people put on one another?!  All I am doing is honoring what I believe is best for my child.  It doesn't upset me if you vaccinate your kids, or they go to public school.  But it sure does bother other people that I don't.  Interesting, isn't it?

Anyway, yesterday at my son's home school park play date I realized in talking to other Mom's that we are different.  We school our children different, we expect different things of them.... our kids are different.  I notice it on the public playground now that my son is getting older.  He is kind to everyone and wants to play with everyone...whereas other kids are being mean to him or bullying him because they are "too cool" or "older."  In the home school park play group, there are kids ranging form 3 years old up to 13 years old...every child is kind and playful with all the others.  There is no separation, because they don't know any different...all they know is kindness, and they don't even understand what bullying is.  This brought me to the realization that my circle just shifted once again.  My point of this post isn't to preach home schooling or any of my beliefs to you, I am just sharing with you how I came to this realization about how our sphere of influence changes over and over...and the change isn't bad it is just different.  I am now attracting and being surrounded with the people who support our decision to home school.  So, this is the current shift in my adult circle...and I know it will shift many times more!  It is just so interesting how it ebs and flows...and as people fall out of your circle, there are new ones to replace that space, who support your current beliefs, interests, and ideals.  And just for the record...I never planned on home schooling my child...I am a product of public school, and also taught in the public school system...home schooling was never on my radar until it came time to choose for my own child.   Just know that your beliefs, interests and ideals can also change along with your seasons.  

Go with the flow!  Change with the seasons of life!  The leaves don't resist falling off of the tree come Autumn.  It is all part of the is all part of the cycle...and they will grow back strong, beautiful, and green in the spring.  Our life is just the same...everything in life is in cycles.  Accept and be happy knowing that "what is" right now in this moment, is just perfect for right now...and it won't be the same in even a few days from now.  Be flexible, be excited, and grow anew each spring.  🙂

My next healing session is this week, and the focus is:  Accepting "what is".  Feel free to join us, we'd love to have your energy join our group for this powerful healing of the heart.

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With love, light, and everything bright!


20 thoughts on “Changing With The Seasons

  1. I love the part at the end in italics, very beautifully written!!

    I have to agree that I’ve noticed my circle of friends changing so much in my lifetime, especially once I found out I was pregnant and could no longer be a part of the ‘party scene’. Many decisions you’ve mentioned making as a parent are things I’ve considered and I would love to hear more of why you chose home-schooling. My daughter just turned three and this is something I contemplate more and more each day.

    Thanks for sharing this post 🙂

    • Jessica,

      Thank you so much for taking the time to read the post and share with me. I would be delighted to talk more with you about why I decided to home school, and how our experience has been so far. 🙂 You can shoot me an email anytime, and we can get connected that way.

      With Love,

    • Marilupe,

      Thank you for visiting my page and sharing your words. 🙂 I hope your turning of seasons are smooth and joyful. 🙂

      With Love,

  2. I am trying to get with the program but its SO not happening right now, is it me or something more? I feel lost and adrift.

    • Sweet Janene,

      It is so great to hear from you, it has been a while. Your angels want you to know you are just where you need to be. Be patient and kind with yourself. Your prayers are heard, so keep sending them out there… <3

      With Love,

    • Cheryl,

      Thank you for taking the time to stop by and check it out! I am so grateful for the connection, and I hope you will visit more often. 🙂

      With Love,

  3. I can totally relate! Sometimes I feel like I have more seasons than most, and I criticize myself for not holding onto friendships longer, for not being more tolerant. But then I realise that although I have not had the same group of friends my whole life, I am constantly transitioning to better myself. Each time I move on from a friendship, it is never with ill-will towards the other but rather with the understanding that we’re no longer aiding each other to move forward. The same goes for each life stage I transition from, for the most part I can thank it for bringing me to where I’m at now (however I do have my moments where I shake my head at my past). 😉

    thank you for all your posts! I love them and I’m a big believer in seasons, and constant transformation/growth! Blessings to you!

    • Vanessa,

      Thank you for sharing with me, I totally agree with you. Blessings to you, and I hope all your seasons transition with ease and joy! 🙂

      With Love,

  4. Everyday there is a change, for every sunrise is a new beginning. Sometimes the change is so subtle it cannot be seen or felt at that very moment, however as time goes on, the revelation is revealed. As a First Nations person I have been taught many things about my culture and traditional beliefs. One that is so profound is the belief in the life after we are gone and not of a physical form. Another change begins as the Creator call us to be with our ancestors. Another phase has begun. The circle of life from birth to elder stage is a preparation for this phase in the here after. It is beautiful.

    • Beverley,

      How neat, thank you for sharing your words and beliefs with us! It is very beautiful! It is wonderful to connect with you, and I hope every new beginning in your life is filled with peace and love.

      With Love,

  5. I SO enjoyed your blog! The changes we all go through demonstrate the beauty of the ebb and flow of our focus…what we cherish, what we question, what is most important at the time. I’ve learned so much about myself by just paying attention to what I’m being shown in my life.

    • Theresa,

      Isn’t it amazing what we can learn about ourselves when we actually pay attention to what is presenting itself to us through our experiences and the people who come and go in our lives?! Thank you for sharing your words with me! Blessings to you!

      With Love,

  6. i agree with you on so many point of your blogger post.The main one I realist was as well the education of children from school and form at home. scary but some ways both have advantages but also separate us.

    • You are correct Ramona, it has its benefits and differences for sure…but just last night a friend of mine posted this on Facebook:

      “Today a 3rd grader threatened to beat R___ up at school. When I asked if he told an adult he said “Yes, I told my teacher. She said ‘kid’s not in my class, it’s not my problem.'” I feel physically ill and my heart hurts.”

      While it does “separate” us in a sense…I choose for my son to not be bullied and to possibly become one in the process, just because our system is broken. 🙁 This is only one of many reasons why I decided to home school.

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