Throw me a rope!

DSCN1615At different points in my life I have felt like I just needed someone to throw me a rope so I could climb out of "the hole".  The hole has been many things over the years...not enough money, not enough time, too much stress...I'm sure you have many categories that you could add to this list.  I feel like we climb in and out of these holes without figuring out how to make a bridge for ourselves so we can start walking across the holes.  Wouldn't that be easier?

My husband is a dreamer, he always has been.  He has always believed in working for himself, and having financial freedom and time.  At times this has been a wedge in our communication and relationship.  I believed in a "job"...he believes a job isn't necessary to live your wildest dreams.  We have never really been able to truly live that dream life (I certainly would love to live "the dream", but just never thought it was "practical" in my own life).  Why?  You see, I was raised like most people in the world to believe that for success I have to clock in and clock out... I have to work a job where I am required to give my physical, mental, and emotional time in order to receive that paycheck.  If I am not "working" I am not making money - that has been my belief all of my life.  I don't think it is too far off to say that this is the belief that most people have been conditioned to believe generation after generation.  Not to say that there aren't others out there like my husband who are dreamers...and many of them are living the dream!  But in my limiting mind, I didn't believe that I could have that.  That is only for the 2% of "people who are rich" right? did they get there?!  So many of them came from adversity, not from a wealthy family to begin did they get there and why are they in the 2% and why am I not?!  Belief and action.  Those are the two things that have been keeping me from my dreams.  Yep, I finally had my ah-ha moment!

I don't know what the trigger was, but I recently decided enough is enough!  I finally realized that there has been a vehicle in our life for 2 years that could take me directly to my dreams...and it is just waiting for me to drive it!  What are my dreams?  Time freedom, money freedom, and to travel the world...showing and teaching my son through real experiences vs. books and movies.

I started asking my personal network, as well as my Mystical community... "What do you want more of in your life?"  Do you know what the top 2 answers were?  Time and money.  It amazes me that we are all in one or both of these "holes"...the time hole or the money hole...and we don't do anything different to get out of it!  Why not?  Is it fear?  Are we lazy?  Do we just not know what we don't know?  Is it all of the above?

For me, my answers were fear and simply not knowing what I didn't know.  I was afraid of failure...afraid of losing everything in the process of taking a risk to do something "different".  I didn't know what I didn't know...and what I didn't accept is that every single one of us has a choice.  Yep, that means me - hello, wake up have a choice in your life and no one else is to blame!  Why am I time poor, money poor and emotionally poor?  Because I didn't do anything different to receive different results.  Ah-ha moment number 2 just happened!

We can choose to scream "throw me a rope", and hope that people and circumstances come along that will help us get by in life  OR we can start building bridges so that we can go over the holes completely.  Every great dreamer took some kind of risk in this world before becoming great!  I feel like I finally "woke up" and see the world with different eyes today, compared to even a month ago.  I see the world around me...I see my family...I see that I have been missing out on so much of both over the years.  It is time to create the life I want!  I found the vehicle to do this, and I am in the process of creating!  That is a whole different discussion, and if you are curious as to how we are specifically doing it...feel free to send me a personal email and I'd be happy to show you.  Honestly, not everyone can or will do what we are doing...and that is OK!  But I encourage you to do something different than you are right now if you are in a hole.

The point of this post is to provoke some thought.  I want you to really think about why you believe you can't have time or money (and obviously if you are short on either or both, you do have some kind of belief determining that, because we attract what we believe in)...and why you haven't taken the risk to do something to change that belief and situation?  It has taken me 10 years to finally ask that why...and honestly I am shocked to say "I don't know!  Why has it taken me so long to wake up to the world?!"

This world is changing with all the technology, social media, and even the way jobs are structured.  My father worked at the same company for most of his whole career and retired with that same company.  That is not the case in this day in age!  People don't stick with one job like they used to...nor are jobs as "secure" as they used to be.  We have to think outside of the box and start getting creative.  We as a community need to start seeing the dream and then taking action to get it.  We can co-create together to get there!  Otherwise we (myself included) will continue to stay inside the "safe" box...where we are deprived of time and money...and all that we dream of will remain a dream.

Research shows that we are the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with.  Wow, what?!  That's right...take a good hard look at the 5 people who are closest to you in your life.  Are they successful, are they positive, are they everything that you wish for in your life?  If the answer is no (like mine was)....folks, it is time to do something different!

Most people aren't willing to go outside the box to get what they want.  That is perfectly okay...but what I say to those folks is...don't continue to complain about your job, your restrictions in life, your stress, etc....if you aren't willing to try something different.  It is out there, the perfect thing that sings to your heart AND provides for you!  There are many...go find yourself one...they come in many shapes and forms...but don't "settle" anymore for "I'm getting by."  I want you to do better than "just getting by"...I want you to have everything you dream of and more!  You see, we create together...and when I help you get more of what you want...the Universe in return brings me all that I want and dream too.   ♥

My husband and I have cut the rope and joined forces... no more holes!  😉  We are making a living with joy-filled hearts!  The things we desire the most in life are fun, fulfillment, and freedom...and that is exactly what we have attracted into our life.  We are co-creating together with others to live the dream.  And what is "the dream"?  Whatever you want it to be!  😉

Dare to dream...and then don't let anyone or anything get in your way of achieving it!  You can absolutely live your dream everyday if you truly want it!  It won't fall in your lap (well maybe an opportunity will) must take intentional action to make that dream manifest...but it is possible!  Opportunities fall in our laps all day long, but whether we choose to recognize them and take action can be the difference between staying where we are and taking a step forward.  What do you dream of?  What do you want more of in your life?  Time, money, friends, experiences, laughter?  I wish for you to dream big, and go get it!  You deserve it!

With Love,
Mystic Dreamer 😉

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