Messages from “Then”

Years ago when I was starting my spiritual learning, I had a reading done by well known Medium, Laurie Campbell. She was one of the two mediums on the show 'Sensing Murder'. It is on Netflix, and is pretty amazing, I recommend you check it out. Anyway, yesterday I found a recording of our phone conversation that I had recorded from one of our two readings from years ago.  I didn't even remember that I had called her a second time, so this recording was like hearing it for the first time almost.  She talked about my spiritual journey, and basically foresaw all of what was to come for me in all the ways that I have experienced it {signs, feelings, experiences...}.  I couldn't see it at the time...but to hear it last night was amazing confirmation of my path and all that I have done, learned, and am DOING.  Just think about it...that conversation was years ago, saved, just to be heard NOW. And messages from my Mom that were so comforting to hear at this point in the game...her validation in being one of my guides, and cheerleader in what I am doing with my spiritual work/healing...from the other side. Isn't the Universe awesome?! 🙂 It was nice to be reconnected with my Mom in a special way, as she was describing to Laurie how we are best friends...not just mother/daughter...BEST friends way beyond that.  This made my heart smile, and I know my Mom was standing right here with me as I listened to this last night.

Laurie kept saying, "now that you are in the field"...and I wasn't even close to working with people {in my opinion}, I was barely seeing my own path and messages, so I thought. She also kept saying, when _______ happens 2 years from now.... well, here I am years later, and I feel so blessed to be working with so many wonderful people {you!} to help you find clarity, peace, and joy. I always thought I had to "talk to dead people" to find my way. While that does sometimes happen...I have found my path has taken me to mostly working with the living, and what you are doing in the here and now. I feel so blessed for all the trials and successes along my life journey....and it has only yet begun. 😉

Thank you for being a part of my journey... I love being a part of yours!
♥ Beth

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  1. i found your site today…I’m looking to connect with my life path and my guides…I try to meditate and look for answers but sometimes i get lost on my path…hope you can give me some insite on how to proceed.

    • Hi Donna!

      My best advice is to just keep asking. Ask your angels and guides to show you the way…and to bring you clarity. You may not get your answers in the timing that you are wishing for…just know that they will reveal all to you just at the right times so that you can put all the pieces together to see the bigger picture. Look for signs all around you….book titles that stand out to you, classes in your local area or online, words on signs, or card readings that just happen to be right in front of you at a certain moment. Divine timing…your answers will come. Be patient, and just keep asking and trusting. Ask your angels to bring people into your life who can help you along your path…ask for a “teacher”, and you will soon find people entering your life that will illuminate your path.
      ♥ Beth

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