Like a Rose

Red RoseI have come to the conclusion that life is like a rose bush.  There are beautiful flowers, buds growing...but on every rose bush there are also thorns.  Yes, life is like a rose bush.  We have simply Divine and wonderful experiences in life, ones that are always beautiful and we will never forget them!  These could be wonderful opportunities, weddings, babies being born, memorable vacations, and just plain old simple FUN stuff!  Those are our roses.

We have buds growing on our rose bush all the time.  Those are the creative ideas, and opportunities that are in the works.  They are blooming, but not yet in full bloom....but they will be beautiful flowers some day!  They will become beautiful roses to decorate your rose bush of life.

Then there are the thorns.  Those are the uncomfortable things that happen in our lives.  Broken hearts, bad experiences, things that didn't work out how we wished they had... those are our thorns.  Every rose bush has them...but that does not make our roses (or our lives) any less beautiful!

You can choose to see the beautiful roses for what they are - pure beauty!  ...and you can choose to overlook the fact that a thorn just poked you.  You may have gotten a little "owie" on your finger (as my 4 year old would call it)... but it will heal!  Don't forget how beautiful your roses are...and those buds that are almost in full bloom.  Nurture your garden and prune your flowers.  Life is truly a miracle, and our job is to honor everything in it.  Yes, even the thorns... because those thorns protect the roses.  They are there for a reason...and we can learn from them.  Honor your thorns, as they will bring you more and more roses in your life!

Life is so wonderful - there is passion and beauty all around us every day!  It is your choice to enjoy the beautiful flowers, or be angry that you got stuck by a thorn.  Choose wisely.

♥ Beth

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