Life Is Ever Changing…Go With The Flow…

What does it really mean when people say "go with the flow?"  Are they just trying to shut you up from your complaining, or does it truly mean something more?

Our family went from a very stressful life to a not so stressful life literally within a month.  We moved from one state to another in physical location, short sold our house, and literally just up-rooted and re-located with a 2-year old in tow.  It was a very stressful time to say the least...but I very quickly learned that it really wasn't.  It ended up being a blessing in disguise....

The one thing that I was able to do through this life change was to "let go" of all the old baggage that was holding me in that stale place - literally and figuratively.  I cleaned out my things - got rid of what I didn't need or want anymore.  Some of that was hard to let go of, because it was "stuff" that I had been moving around with me for years.  But, it had not been used in years, so it was time to let it go and leave room for new things....for a new life.

I "let go" of all the emotional pain that was associated with that place.  I left it there, left it order to heal and allow for my new life to take over.   I had no idea what was ahead when we decided to move.  I didn't know if my husbands new job would pay our bills, if we would find a house to live in, etc., etc.  While it was a very stressful time, there was also a feeling of relief that came with the change.  I guess you could say I turned it into an adventure, and I decided to take all of those scared feelings and turn them into excited ones for the wonderful new experiences to come.

When I hear the words "go with the flow..." I believe that it literally means to let go and let synchronicity take over.  Let the Universe bring to you all the things you are wishing for - and believe me...the Universe is always looking for a way to make your wishes come true!  Whether you allow them to come into your that is a different story.... ;o)

I know there is a lot of change going on right now...or perhaps it is wanted change that is waiting for your allowing.  Sometimes change can be scary.  Believe me - when my husband said, "I'm fixing up the house and I'll leave the roofs to Palm Beach Roofing Expert and I'm leaving in 2 weeks to go start my new stay here and finish your school year teaching for the next 3 weeks - with our 2 year old - while packing, and staging the house for realtors to walk it with potential buyers...and I'll meet you out there in 3 weeks.  Don't worry, we'll find a house and I'll come get all the stuff after you get out here with our son.  It'll all work out."  I honestly had a bit of anxiety over the whole thing.  I am not sure to this day how I lived through those 3 weeks - but I just took a deep breathe, and the Universe literally took over and synchronicity took over every single detail of our move!  From financial, to logistics...I mean every detail was worked out in perfect timing.  Every moment...right when I was about to start stressing....the solution came into my existence - just like that.  A snap of the fingers and the problem was resolved without me even doing a thing.  That is what allowing and going with the flow truly is - I know what that looks like now!

My lesson in this experience truly was to just give in to the process of life, and "go with the flow."  What does stressing out really get us?  Possibly an ulcer, weight problems, health problems in general, sleep problems, crankiness, mood swings, fights with our spouses, and in general just not so good feelings all around!  It's not worth it!  Why go through all that, when in the end the stress has not aided you in any way towards your goal.  In has most likely taken you even farther away from your goal!  Good feelings breed good experiences!  I truly believe this, and I live this every day - now!

I used to live in my own self created hell built of stress, and for lack of a better term - drama.  I was a victim, and poor me.  I allowed other peoples decisions to overpower my own, and then sulked in the discontent of my life.  Nope, no sir - not any more!  I have taken my power back, and I have realized what control I have over my circumstances!  I realize how my actions and feelings create my world - and that can be good or bad - it is a choice!  I choose good!!  :o)

What are you going to choose tomorrow?  Go ahead, I dare you....take a deep breathe and do something different tomorrow.  Do something that you wouldn't normally do that is going to take you closer to your goal!  It may be something that seems 'scary' because it is a change or 'different' than what you are used to and comfortable with.  I challenge you to step out of your comfort zone - stop staying in a place of discomfort, just because it is easier.  ....Have you been procrastinating getting started on a project?  Have you been living with extra clutter that you really don't need?  Clean it out - share it with others who may really need those things.  :o)

Remember - anything that you truly want in this life is yours.  All you have to do is want it, wish it, and take action to make it yours.  There is nothing in this world that is being withheld from you by anyone - not God, The Universe, or Bob in the room next to you!  Sometimes our paths take us around unexpected turns and to new places - but that is part of the experience, the journey, and the growth.  It's all good!

Joy is a feeling, and the only result of joy is a happy outcome!

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!
♥ Beth

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