Dolphin Teachers

Dolphins are love, channeled message

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"Dolphins are "higher-beings."  They come here with a purpose, just as "we" do.  They are here to teach love, joy, FUN, and harmony to all who meet them.  You could call them "galactic."  We understand that humans have a hard time with the dolphins' perceived "struggle" here on Earth at this time.  Netting, killing, and captivity, for example.  It is a terrible reality, and it saddens many.  This is because dolphins have taught you pure love.  You love them with the deepest part of your heart - whether you have met one face to face, or not.  They have a smile and an essence of pure joy that can not be ignored.  We bring you this message as a reminder to continue loving the dolphins, but they ask you to love them with understanding.

While it is hard to imagine, dolphins who are living these grim realities of captivity have chosen this path.  They have chosen to live life "in a cage", or to "sacrifice" for the greater good.  The greater good "of what" you may ask...the greater good of mankind.  We know this is hard for you to imagine, for you think, "Why would any being choose this?"  We ask you the same question.  Why would any being choose to live "caged?"  We are talking to you....those of you who have put restrictions and limitations on your life.  While you may not be literally living in a cage, many of you have built a cage to live in for periods of time in your life with your thoughts and your actions.  There is a purpose for every experience.  There is a lesson.  There is growth in everything that you do or don't do - caged and not caged.

Beth and her family just took a visit to Sea World this past weekend.  While there, they spent a good couple hours playing with the dolphins at the dolphin interactive pool.  The dolphins while on their "free- time" (meaning they were not being engaged at all with trainers), were jumping and splashing.  They were having a grand time, and engaged all their visitors in their play time!  Beth had a dolphin approach her with a giant smile, singing to Beth with her mouth open.  Beth splashed water in the dolphins mouth while the dolphin sang her a happy song.  Pure joy is the energy that was exchanged in that moment between Beth and the dolphin.  A dolphin or two turned upside down and splashed Beth and her son with it's tail ~ all in good fun!  It was a marvelous time, and you could see the smiles from face to heart on every single person who was visiting that day.  Why would these dolphins choose to be in a tank at Sea World?  To change a life - many lives - every day.  They are teachers of love, joy, peace, and FUN!  They teach you to love our oceans and all who live there.  They teach you how to play.  And they teach you how to love with big hearts.

These dolphins come here to deliver these messages (just as Beth delivers messages to you every day on Facebook for us).  Messages to help all of you grow.  Be grateful for the dolphins' grace, and all they have to teach you.  Be open to their messages of love, and visit them often (no matter where they are!).  They offer opportunities all around the world to connect with you, and share even deeper messages with you, if you keep an open heart.

Peace be with you."

- The Pleiades
~Channeled Message via Beth~

I read this book a couple years ago and I really enjoyed this book and the stories told about these wild dolphins off the coast of Australia.  You might enjoy it too, so I am passing the title along.  ♥

11 thoughts on “Dolphin Teachers

  1. What a beautiful message Beth!
    I was just speaking with a client yesterday about how we judge that someone could not have possibly chosen to live a life of poverty, extreme illness or other perceptively horrific ways of living. If we are all here playing our part in the great shift of the planetary awakening at this time, and if we are more than our physical body and our human experience here on earth, then why would we judge what part is good or bad?

    • Thank you Sherryl. Yes, it has taken me all this time to finally figure out that there is no such thing as “bad.” I love what you said, and it never ceases to amaze me how connected we are on topics at the same time, and don’t even realize it until things like this come up. ;o)

  2. I have experienced such dolphin magic!! They are on such a higher plane. Where I live on Maui is one of their happy hunting grounds and they have showed up at the most magical times to confirm their connection to me. I feel so blessed to have been taken into their circle!! I can’t really express in words how it feels it is beyond words!! All I can say is “mahalo ke akua!!”

    • Stacy,

      That sounds so heavenly!!! I would LOVE to live in Hawaii! Maybe some day we will make that part of our journey. ;o) I have not been to Maui yet, but would like to visit there. I can only imagine how wonderful it is to be a part of their “family circle”, as you described. Makes my heart smile just thinking about it! My husband and I swam with wild dolphins on our honeymoon off the big island. They had a baby with them, so they weren’t super social that day…but it made my heart race with joy, none-the-less! Maybe I’ll come visit you in Maui some day and you can introduce me to your dolphin family, I would love to meet them! ♥♥♥

  3. I am so blessed by this message because I have had dolphins on my mind since Saturday, and I couldn’t figure out why. In 2005, on a cruise to Cozumel I swam with a beautiful dolphin named Apollo. I wasn’t a strong swimmer, so I paid for a guide and I even had an additional donut (Lmbo). All I knew was that I had to have the experience. Apollo’s heart was so huge and his presence was so reassuring. When it was my turn to ride on his back he adjusted his body so I fit just so. I thought I imagined it, but I didn’t. Yes, they are higher beings of pure love and pure fun. Many in the group applauded my tenacity. I made a friend that day. Everything about him was infectious. Thanks for reminding me of one of the best and fearless days of my life. I didn’t allow anything to STOP ME then and I won’t let anything STOP ME as I move forward now. <3 <3<3 I receive.

    • Karen,

      Thank you so much for sharing!!! I loved reading this! That dolphin energy you experienced is still with you – never forget that! You were truly “touched by a dolphin” in so many beautiful ways. I love it!

      Peace & Love,

  4. Any time you would like to visit me on Maui know that my heart and home are open to you and I know the dolphins will show up!! just send a gmail and everything else will just go into perfect flow!! It’s so fun to know that that is how the universe works just open up your heart and love the rest will come!! Kinda like breathing!!

    • Dear Stacy,

      What a beautiful soul you are, opening up your home to me. You know…I just may take you up on that some day….!!!! I can already feel the excitement of how Divine our time together with each other and the dolphins would be. Love, love, love the peace, fun, and joy that is in your energy. My son wants to swim with dolphins very much, so some day this may be the perfect opportunity for our family.

      ♥ Beth

  5. Hello Beth. It seems I am a bit late for the party.

    I am listening to a Sage Kingsley Goddard recording, where she is channeling Archangel Michael. She mentions that dolphins are “Pleiades”, so I did a search and found this page. I did not know what Pleiades is, but I have always, always, wanted to swim with dolphins.

    And then I get to the bottom of this page, which is PROTECTED by Archangel Michael… Wow.

    Peace and blessings,

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