talk about the blessings banner, choicesTonight I was washing dishes and thinking to myself, "I spend so much of my time washing dishes!"  And just before I started to go into the whole "Man, I hate washing dishes!  Why am I the one who always has to do it?" rant..... I turned my thoughts into the following:

"While washing dishes isn't my most favorite thing to do...I am blessed to have dishes to wash, and running water and soap with which to wash them with.  I have clean towels to dry them with, cabinets to store them, and a beautiful home to hold my cabinets!  I am blessed to have pots and pans in which to annoy me with their size and awkwardness in my sink.  I am so blessed that they are dirty because that means I have food to eat! "

My next thought, as I looked at the other side of the sink was..."I really don't want to clean all these travel coffee mugs that are piled in my sink!  Why does my husband stock pile them in the car, and then I have to wash 8 of them all at once?!  Ugh, I am so annoyed!"  So, I immediately put a slash through what I had just thought, and instead I said:

"I am so blessed to have a loving a wonderful husband!  Even though washing coffee cups isn't my favorite thing to spend my time doing....I am blessed to have the means in which to do so...and a hard working and loving husband to wash them for!"

Can you feel the difference in my statements?  I encourage you to pay more attention to your thoughts on a daily basis.  It's not always easy to do when you have thing, after thing, after thing pile up on your to-do list.  I totally get that!  Sometimes it seems easier to just be annoyed.  But I assure you, the list will not seem as long, if you can find that happy place where you can talk about the blessings.  Appreciate what it is that you have to complain about in the first place.  ;o)  When you feel yourself getting pulled into that complaining and ranting scenario in your mind....Stop.  Think about what you could perceive as a blessing right then and there - in that moment.   And there is always, always, always a blessing to be found!  ♥

I share with you smiles, hugs, and lots of love as you are reading this!
♥ Beth

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  1. A very thought provoking post Beth. Yes our perceptions are so clouded most of the time, out of which spring almost constant ego judgements.

    Your kitchen story reminded me of the famous little mystical work called ‘Practicing The Presence of God’ by its monk author Brother Lawrence. He was the holiest monk in his monastery, and was the guy appointed to cook and wash up.

    Be encouraged ~ you are following a well worn path to the Divine Presence.



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