The Child In Me

Baby elephant in grass"Vacuum the hall with an elephant's snout!"

"When you have chores and fun seems to run out,
Vacuum the hall with an elephant's snout!
Call on the elves to come lend a hand
And sweep up the stardust in your fairyland."

-From Fun is a Feeling


Our family is very big on books!  This includes a wide variety of books for our son, who is now 3.5 years old.  He has several "spiritual" books, that honestly, I love to read to him, simply because they help remind me of how complicated I make things, that really are so simple!  They really are lessons for all ages, even though they are written for children.  I have found it beneficial to read these messages and ideas in such simple terms, ones that are shared by authors such as Wayne Dyer, Doreen Virtue, Louise Hay, and Chara Curtis.  Reading these ideas about positive thoughts from such a "simple" perspective (a child's perspective) can really turn your thoughts and viewpoint around so quickly!

These books are so well written, that they help teach our little guy values and thoughts that we feel are important.  Wouldn't it be great to give him a kick-start on ways to be positive in the world, in ways that he can relate to - even as a child!!??  We think so!  =)

I thought that the above quote taken from the kids book Fun is a Feeling, would hit home with many of us who find ourselves dreading our everyday chores.  If we can once again embrace that inner child and use our imagination...we can make anything fun!  Even vacuuming our house!  ;o)

Enjoy browsing some great titles that I have linked for you.  Especially if you have kids in your life, you will be interested in these book titles.  I am also open to other book suggestions, so feel free to share with me!  =)

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