Heaven On Earth

beautiful sunset above the clouds with grass below, heaven on earth"With the vista of a new year still dawning, is it my imagination, Beth, or is someone out there forgetting that the "hows" are my domain?  That when it comes to manifesting change, their real job is to focus upon the end result.  And that simply doing what they can, with what they've got, from where they are, will always be enough to move heaven and earth?

I didn't think so."

- The Universe

There is this neat website called Tut's Adventures Club, and if you go to this link and put in your email address, you will receive daily emails like the one above.  This one was in my email inbox today.  They are often humorous, or sarcastic...but always positive, and inspirational!  =)  Go check them out... it's kinda fun to see what "The Universe" has to say each day!  ;o)  Often the messages are so timely, it makes me wonder....!
The Universe must be watching!

As for this message today... it is a reminder to let go of the 'how', and believe in the desired result.  We can make this a Heaven on Earth, with faith, focus, and belief.  We are always enough, and anything is possible!  Beth

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