♥ Dolphin Candle Pod ♥

dolphin essence candle with ribbon and card

♥ Dolphin Essence Candle ♥

Hello Friends!  I just wanted to give you an update on the Dolphin Essence Candle project that I have been working on!

I wanted to share the great news that all 25 candles have found their new homes!  They are spread out all over the States, and some going as far as the UK, and Canada!  Those of you who have received your candles already, please take a photo of your beautiful flame, and post it on my Facebook page!  ♥  There are only a couple of you who are waiting to receive your candles...and you can be excited that they will be on their way very soon!!!  Yay!

This project was so fun!  While I have had to wait for funds to transfer, and materials to arrive....the project is finally coming full circle!  I really hope you enjoy your candles, and can feel the love, healing, and wisdom that the dolphins have shared with you through their crystals.  My dolphin friend Kalili did tell me that they chose Quartz crystals because they are receptors.  Many of you know that quartz has been used in radios and computers.  Well, the dolphins are using the quartz in the same way - in our candles.  ♥  They will periodically do "updates" to the crystals, sending new information that will be available to you through your crystals.  I will post on this page when these updates occur, so that you can be informed of any messages they have, when these updates occur, etc.

I have the feeling I will be making other candle 'pods' in the future.  This one is very special, as it is the first!  Please share in the comments section, any experiences you may have with your candles, visions, dreams, meditations, etc.  This is a place where you all be connected within your 'dolphin candle pod.'  Of course I have reserved one of the 25 for myself, so I too am part of your pod.  I almost forgot to do so, when I was reminded by my guides!  Thank you dolphins & angels!     ♥♥♥ Beth

I thought you might like to see some of the candle making process with the first 20 made... the remaining 5 are being made tonight (I was waiting on more aromatherapy, and it came in the mail today, finally!).

tins with quartz crystals

The first 20 candles- pre-pour.

melting wax for dolphin candles

Melting the wax for the dolphin candles!

20 dolphin candle tins poured

First 20 dolphin candles poured!


dolphin essence candle with ribbon and card

♥ Dolphin Essence Candle ♥

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