The Deep Blue Sea…and a dolphin Kalili

Dolphin friendsWho doesn't love the intoxicating and loving smile of a dolphin?!!!  They are among the most beautiful creatures in the world (I think, anyway)!

If you had asked me back in the 8th grade what I wanted to answer would have been "dolphin trainer".  If you asked me a few months ago what my dream job is...I would have answered "dolphin trainer."  I have always wanted to work with dolphins, since I was a child.  I want to swim with them, talk to them, soak in their incredible joy and love for life!  I have suddenly realized that my work with them is much deeper than dolphin training....

I'll give you a little history here...the summer of 2001 was the summer before my Senior year in college.  I took a short summer job at Sea World (my dream place to be!).  It wasn't a glorious job, I was working in a gift shop. did allow me the freedom to spend time at the Orca tank every break and lunch time...and you would have found me at Sea World every day of the summer, whether I was working or not.  I couldn't get enough of the dolphins and at the time the Orcas were particularly of interest to me.  I would stand at the huge underground tank where you could see them swim right next to you, and my eyes would tear up with joy and love. I felt like my heart was just going to burst out of my chest!  This happened every day of my summer of 2001 at Sea World.

Time has come and gone, and life has changed a lot since that summer...but I find myself living in Southern California once again.  Of course we have an annual pass to Sea World, and we frequent there with our 3 year old as often as we can get down to San Diego.  I noticed right away however, on our first visit this summer of 2011 that something was very different.  The Orcas feel very different now.  I've been working on finding out the how and why, and I decided to do a "dolphin meditation" today in the bath.  This shed some light on these beautiful creatures of the sea.  I have the feeling this is only the first tiny glimpse of information that they have to share with me.  A new "ocean" of information has been opened up to me, so to speak.  ;o)

To start my meditation today I asked a dolphin to come to me.  One came, and it was upright in front of me, just like the one in the picture above.  Smiling at me, he says his name is Kalili.  I asked Kalili all kinds of questions, and got the following information.  He told me that I could communicate with others, all I need to do is say "Nya, nya, nya."  I guess this is their way of hearing "Hi, I'd like to speak with you."  Maybe it is my own personal call signal to communicate with them.  I'm not sure, but I know for certain that this is my new call signal to my beautiful new friends.  ♥  He said that the dolphins are here to teach us.  Even the ones in captivity...most of them have made an agreement to be there to help spread their love, joy, and wisdom.

I asked Kalili about the Orcas, at Sea World specifically.  I am feeling much sadness from them, and I asked him about this.  He said it's true, they are not "happy" there.  They see their-selves as "the king of the ocean", and it is difficult for them to not be wandering the wide, deep oceans of the world.  They dream of the ocean. They used to be happy there at Sea World, like when I saw them in 2001... this was back when the trainers would get in the water with them, and touch them and play with them (even during the shows).  This brought them much joy, and they were truly happy and spreading their joy and love with all who saw them.  My husband and I noticed the first time this summer when we saw the "Shamu" show, that the trainers do not get in the water with them anymore.  It's quite silly's more of a dog and pony show, with the Orcas jumping around and the trainers "dancing" on stage.  This is my opinion of course.  I'm sure there are many who enjoy the show...but for me....I know what it used to be.  I asked Kalili about the trainer who was killed at Sea World...which I can only assume is the reason why trainers no longer get in the water there.  The Orca did not mean to kill his trainer.  Orcas "play" with their food in the wild before they eat it.  It is part of their programming, part of their instinct.  I don't believe that this Orca meant to kill his trainer, some primal instinct kicked in and it was an accident.  They are wild animals after all (in captivity or not- they still communicate with the ocean, and their spirit is still free).  The Orcas don't have the same human contact that they used to have when the trainers were getting in the water with them, and they miss that interaction, touch, and play.

I asked Kalili if there is a "super crystal of Atlantis" under water.  He said there is, and that all the dolphins can download information from it.  They also communicate and teach one another telepathically.  I asked Kalili if I would meet other dolphins, and he said "Yes, one thing at a time."  ;o)  He took me for a very fast ride/swim in the ocean...jumping up and down in and out of the water.  It was like riding a fast boat, but with the experience of going in and out of the water so effortlessly.  It was beautiful!  We stopped and he "kissed" me, and I turned into a mermaid.  We swam together for some time, jumping in and out of the water, and I could hear all the clicks of the other dolphins around (although I could not see any others).  He "kissed" me again and I went back into my human body.

I feel that I am in direct connection now with my new dolphin guide, Kalili.  I have been asked to make a select number of Dolphin Meditation Candles.  They will be infused with dolphin energy and wisdom.  I will be putting together more details about this and get it out to you soon, as well as the dolphin healing session that Kalili is asking me to prepare for you.

I looked up the name Kalili, and it is a (dated) male given name, born by ancient chiefs.  It is also stated as an endemic Hawaiian violet.

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