Round 2!

This morning I did a Distance Healing, and so many of you attended that healing.  Thank you for being here!  Spirit is so happy today to do this healing for us!  =)  I had so many people continue to add their names after the healing this morning was complete...and during my shower today I was told that I was to do another one this evening for those who want to participate.

I feel so blessed to have developed this gift to work with Spirit.  We all have the ability to communicate with them, so keep practicing, and it will come!  =)

I have my "New Beginnings" Meditation Candle burning, and I am ready to start the healing.  I will post any comments here that are important to this healing, as well as any additional messages that the Angels have for us tonight.  Please see my previous post about the healing this morning for more details.

*Deep Breath*

Here we go....

The first thing I did was ask Spirit to evoke the powers of the crystals in the candle I am burning tonight, as well as all the candles I have made and sent all over the country.  I immediately got chills all over my entire body (almost like I was freezing cold for about 15 seconds...then it went away).  I saw light shoot up from every candle around the country, to form a large ball of white light above the Earth.  Their healing powers are being used together as a super charge of crystal therapy!  This energy "ball" collected and held together for some time, as it was working to raise the vibration of the Earth.  Not only are we healing "individuals" tonight (you know we are all connected, right?), but Spirit is working to heal the Earth as well. This light created the same fireworks that I saw earlier today, and the pure white light fell down from the sky upon each one of us today.  You have been filled with 100% white light.

"There are too many chemicals", they say.  This means in our food, in our household products, even our medicines.  We need to all make a joint effort to individually choose more natural choices.

I asked if there is anything we need to do as light-workers in 2012, and they say, "Stop hiding.  It is time."

I asked if there are any other messages for us tonight, and they said, "The flowers are dying, they need more water."  I believe they are using a metaphor here, and just as they did this morning, they are sending a message to us about water.  WE are the flowers...and WE need to be consuming more pure water than we are now.  Please make it a goal in 2012 to drink more water on a daily basis...this is super important to our health as well as the raising of the Earth's vibration, and all that is here.

This healing has been completed.  Thank you to all who are here!  I enjoy your presence, as we work together as energy beings to heal ourselves and the world.  Each one of you is a beautiful soul....let your light shine in 2012!!!  Thank you to The Mystic Angels for doing this healing for us twice today.  Love, Light, and Blessings to ALL who find their way here.

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Beth and The Mystic Angels

6 thoughts on “Round 2!

  1. Awesome, Beth!! Thanks to you and the angels. I was told to drink a lot of water to help with my extremely high blood pressure. They can’t find the cause as my heart is fine. It has been running very high and I was admitted to the hospital overnight last week for tests. This healing was what I needed to hear…thank you

  2. Oh Beth i am agasp here sweetie..i went cool here for a short while and then i saw a bright white light appear which opened up and appeared to be spreading itself out on a spray and looked as if it was on a downward move.. and i actually heard the sounds of water in my left ear..then i felt some prickling in my rib cage by my heart which came and went… then i read your Healing completed posting … oh wow.!!! What does all this mean for me Beth if you could explain my trully wonderfull experience please?

    Thank you so so much Beth .. Bless you and your Mystic Angels .

    Love Lynnie .. xx

    • Lynnie,

      Thank you for sharing with me (and us!). That is fantastic!! It means that you were open and connected enough to SEE it and HEAR it all for yourself! =) So cool to hear that you experienced it just as I did!! =) I believe that the prickling was either a physical or a mental blockage that was removed. I pray that this brings blessings to your life! Keep that light shining bright. xoxo

      Love & Light,

  3. Hi Beth,

    When i woke in the morning and read your reply posting to me i was arms up in the air saying *Yes Yes Yes* and my hubby asked if i had won the lottery or something and i replied * oo something better than that* lol and explained to him.. He was so amazed but pleased for me. I must say that as i am gaining a better knowledge of my Gift and more experienced with what i have been given.. i am much more at ease and coming out more without the reigns on .. i even have had clearer visions during my meditations since too .. amazing ..

    Bless and Thank You Beth and your Mystic Angels

    And be sure Beth i WILL keep that Light Shining Bright.

    Love and Many Blessings .. Lynnie ..xx

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