Reflections on Distance Healing ~ January 2, 2012

Welcome back friends!  That was a wonderful healing, and I want to thank you all for participating.  I truly hope that this healing brings blessings and love into your life for today and the coming year!  I have my "New Beginnings" Meditation Candle burning (you can view my candles under the Mystic Candles tab).  I have asked that the angels cleanse, and activate the crystals in all of the meditation candles that I have made.  So if you have one of my candles, or are burning yours today, be ready to energize them with your desires!  They are ready for you to place your intentions for 2012 in them.  "Out with the old, and in with the new" they say.  =)

I asked Spirit how we are connected.  This is their response.  "Water.  You are all water."  As you will hear their words later, it is important that we all drink more water!  We are mostly made up of water, and it is important that we get enough water to stay connected, healthy, and vibrant.

They showed me a beautiful flower going from a bud to a beautiful open flower (it was red, like the flower below).  They say, "just as a flower blooms, there will be new life and new growth this year."  Be ready for lots of new things this year, and be open to them with a loving heart.  Change can be uncomfortable at times, but this is a year of beautiful growth and positive change.

I asked what can we do to help avoid blockages this year.  "Always see the light. Stay open, learn, grow, and stay positive in all situations."

Spirit used an etherical vacuum to gently remove blockages from each of you.  It was as if they were gently removing the old programs that do not serve you anymore with an etherical vacuum hose.  They have removed the blockages that were there, which opens you up to allowing new energy.  =)

"Each person needs to find their inner strength this year.  Some people on Earth talk of shifts that will occur this year.  This will not be a bad thing.  There is so much light coming to Earth, and more and more of you are connecting to this light.  Although there may be times of learning and growing...always be of the light, and know that your world is healing.  This is a year of positive change, in the midst of the growth process for all human kind.  You are all connected, whether you are always aware of it or not.  Love one another, and bring kindness and light to your world this year.  It is your world.  Your shift into the light will allow others to see it much faster.  Be positive, and others will learn from your example.  Walk forward in 2012 with hope, love, and big dreams. The energy vibrations of your planet is raising day by day, and manifesting is becoming much easier for many of you.  Ask, believe, and trust!  Never have a doubt, and never try to figure out exactly how your desires will come...just know that they are yours, and allow them into your life."  - Mystic Angels

For physical health, in general we are being asked to eat lots more fruits and vegetables, and to drink lots more water!  It is important to stay away from chemicals such as soda, processed foods, and excess sugar.  Eating a healthy diet is key to avoiding blockages in your life.  To stay "clear" and connected, you must be conscious of what you are feeding your physical body, as well as your mental body.

At the end of the healing, spirit sent out white light to each person.  It was sent to each person individually as a spark of light flying through the sky from my location to each and every one of your locations.  This light looked like the sparks from a beautiful big firecracker falling to the ground.  So beautiful!  I hope you felt the love and pure light that filled your body.  You were energized today with 100% pure white light.  They ask that you "keep the light shining", and walk forward with hope, love, kindness, and purpose.

Please share your comments here!  I would love to know your experiences and reactions, visions, and messages you received from this healing.  ♥

Lots of Love and Blessings for 2012!
Beth and The Mystic Angels

15 thoughts on “Reflections on Distance Healing ~ January 2, 2012

  1. my name is Susiefiesta..may be too late to attend to this..but please consider about me next time..thankyou ..god bless you... on said:

    Hiiiii Mystic angel..please tell me was i included that time for healing..

  2. I was pretty much asleep as you di d the ehaling but the awakening was wonderful no pain in my torso/stomach Womb.:) and my first thing I saw was my water bottle s “grinning” at me telling me ” we wanna be drinked much more ofthen”.lol I thought I just had imagend it but then my as I wa sabout haven breakfast my whole body and ind was FRUIT we want
    I have to say that I am actually intolerant to whaet and any floure product and have been bad with it in the last couple of weeks; and just started recently going back to my Fruit and water regime.which si no easy when you love Humus with a brown
    So yes ,I got the message of healthier eating and drinking.:) Thank you!
    Many Blessings and Thank YOU and the Universe for allowing this to happen,
    we will see what else is coming my way .:)

  3. Please include me in the additional Healing. The one from this morning was amazing!!! Thank you and Blessings and light to you and all participating!!!

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  5. Wow! I am so calm and optimistic and excited for the future! I have been working on this so this was great. Many thanks to you 🙂 x

  6. unbeknowen to me at the time…this morning my 5am EST Australia…I added a banana,grapes and orange to my lunch of lettuce,carrots,red cabbage and 3 chicken nibbles….i work with a person who had anger bordering on rage towards me…well not this morning i greeted all in my usual friendly manner allowing any negative energy to dissipate as I choose not to accept…and the person came to me and apologised for all prior negatives, i accepted and calmly without hesitation or pomp of ceremony continue at work as I usually do….Thank you for the “Blessings” and clearing of all “Blockages” as I know that this was what was required to overcome adversion with “love and Light” while maintaining composure and humanity…<3 <3 <3

  7. After I woke up, I had some problems with my stomach, yes it is true, I need to eat more healthy food and drink more water. Actually I was dreaming about water, I am a little bit afraid of water, even though I can swim. In my dreams I always drown, maybe I drowned in my former life time. Thank you very much for including me in your far distance healing. Love and Light, Ingrid

  8. Dear Beth!
    I had a marvellous experience during your world-wide spiritual healing yesterday 🙂
    A new kind of meditation came to me when I was laying down, recieving. It was like nothing I have ever experienced before.
    If you want to, I can try to translate it into English and mail it to you 🙂
    Thank you for a wonderful experience, and your time!
    Thank you Spirit that participated and gave us healing!
    Love Caroline

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