Oracle Card Abuse

Hello friends!  I came across a fantastic article written by Colette Baron-Reid.  This is the photo she uses with her blog post, and it seems fitting.  Her article is titled: Oracle Abuse: When to Just Say No and Put Your Oracle Cards Away.

I thought this was a fantastic article, and I encourage you to read it when you have a minute.  Basically she is talking about overusing your cards.  I have had personal experience with this a time or two, so I totally understand what she is saying.

Sometimes we get so charged up about something in our life that we just want an answer!  Have you ever tried pulling a card over and over for the same question, hoping to get the same card...just to know that you indeed have the right answer?  Haha!  I tried this once, and it didn't work, and I got frustrated!  ;o)  Sometimes it is time to just set the cards down, take a breathe, and let it be.  Listen to your inner guidance and once you are not so attached to 'the outcome' can try again.  I learned my lesson (luckily pretty early on), and I know now that if I am emotionally charged about the is not the time to pull a card.  ;o)

Take a look at Colette's article that I linked above, and let me know what you think.  =)

Colette Baron-Reid
Wisdom of the Hidden Realms Oracle Cards: A 44-Card Deck and Guidebook

2 thoughts on “Oracle Card Abuse

  1. That is a good point. When I was a member of a chat room I remember people would frantically in and out of rooms looking for readings to the same question. This would be a little different because they were not doing the readings themselves but still that they were seeking the answer way too much or not accepting the advice that others had to give them. Another thing, when they get frantic like that, it was harder for them to calm down and really take in the information. It was just a lot of “but what if’s.” Although it is nice to try to help the person, I can understand where there is a point where you just have to say Okay, you’ve already been given the signs. Just take a deep breath, try to get out, step away from it, or look at it from a distance. I know even in situations where I have been getting more than one reading in a row I find myself getting similar results (which is actually a good thing because it reinforces the other readings as well). There are times when I will need a lot of information and there are times where I will have to step away and try to do something else.

    • Thanks for sharing Amanda! Great advise for those of us that are on the receiving end too! Sometimes we get a little too desperate for ‘the right’ answer…the one we WANT to hear, and it blocks us from hearing the message we NEED to hear. ;o) Thanks for reading, and contributing here. You shared some great advice. ♥

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