Mind DOES Matter

I thought that as I approach another Half Marathon this weekend, that I write about what's on my mind.  First off, I should share that I have never been a runner...and I mean never!  I was the kid with the doctors note in Physical Ed class, to release me from any running requirements, or heavy cardio.  (I had exercise induced asthma...although I didn't have asthma normally.)  About a year ago I started running (and I was 45 lbs. overweight at the time...isn't having kids great?  lol!)  Anyway, I started with 2 miles here and 2 miles there.  Lots of walking, and inclines on the treadmill.  In 6 weeks from the day I started was when I ran my first 10K race, as part of a Marathon Relay with a team.  At that point I had lost 45 lbs, with 6 short weeks of dedication to my diet and exercise!  By the way, I have no asthma to even speak of currently, I am in perfect health.

Why am I even writing about this?  Why is this important you might wonder...

Since my first race in December of 2010, I am now about to run my 3rd Half Marathon, and have ran a handful of 5K races.  This weekend I will be running through Disneyland and California Adventure Theme Parks...to finish and earn my Fairy Wings!  This is the "Tinkerbell" race, and our finishers medal is Tinkerbell Wings. ;o)  Have I been training for this 13.1 miles I am about to run?  Nope.  Have I gained back a few pounds?  Yep.  So why on Earth do I belong at a 13 mile race, when I have done zero training?  Because I can!

One thing I have learned from running this past year, is that "mind over matter" truly is a reality!  We have the power to create our life with our thoughts!  When my body starts saying "I'm tired", I talk to it, and with my thoughts change how I feel.  "You can do this, it's only 13 miles!"  "Pain is temporary, pride is permanent."  LOL  There are lots of different things I tell myself to get to the finish line, and I make it every time with a smile on my face!  I have no health issues to speak about - the "asthma" is gone, and previously diagnosed heart issues, are not an issue any longer!  I just decided to be healthy, and so it is.  How do I pay for the race fees?  I decide that the money will be there for me to run the race...and it always is, in some way shape or form.  Couch to 13.1 miles...no problem!  ;o)

I tell you this story because you too have the power to create whatever you want for your life!  You may have no desire to run 13 miles like I do, but I'm willing to bet that given the chance, there is something great that you would love to do in this lifetime.  Maybe you already are doing that something, and I would love to hear your stories!  ♥

You are in control of your thoughts, no one else!  What you think, and what you believe will manifest in your life...every time.  So, what is it that you want to do that you think you can't?  Because you know what??  I am here to tell you friends, you can!

If you can think it, you can have it! 

Your dreams are merely a thought away!  Literally.  Have fun creating today!!!  ♥

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