~How To Pray Effectively~

Prayer is so powerful!  Here are some tips by Diana Cooper on how to pray effectively.

1. Pray from your heart.

2. Ensure your intentions are pure.

3. Never tell God or the angels what you do not want or what you are suffering!!!  If you do that you are asking for more of that which you do not want.

4. Tell God of your vision:  "This is what I want to achieve.  This is what I have already done.  This is what I need from you."

5. Ask for the highest good to be done.  If it really is for the highest good of all, the entire universe will rearrange itself to grant it.  So detach from it being as you expect it to be or even from it happening at all.  God may have something better in mind for you.

Your prayer becomes even stronger when you ask others to pray with you and hold your vision.

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  1. Thank you for this reminder. I love how you posted this so simply. I will refer back to this when I pray. This is a good starting point for those of us that may not know exactly how to do it and be effective. Thanks for the tips!

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