Hello world, here I am!

"Hi, my name is Beth...I'm 31...and I talk to Spirit."

Sometimes I feel like my Mystic Facebook page is a support group, lol.  It's a place where I can share ideas, and messages from Spirit, offer distance healings, and connect with beautiful souls...a place where I can be "me."  I am in a transition period right now where I am attracting more people into my life who are open spiritually.  It is such a wonderful time in life, but also at times I feel nervous about changing old relationships.  Change is sometimes scary and hard for us to accept...but so necessary in the growth of our highest good too.  If we aren't changing, we aren't growing is kind of how I see it.  And change doesn't have to be drastic either...it could be as simple as changing a negative thought into a positive one!  =)  I have been opening up recently to some personal friends (friends from back in middle and high school....long time friends).  This is a shift that Spirit is telling me must take place for my highest good...and some will support me, and some friendships will break away.  It's hard to accept that some friendships will change or even possibly go away...but I am open now to accepting that this is in my highest good right now.  It is best right now to allow myself to be me and feel what I feel.  I am evolving and changing, and opening up in ways I never imagined for myself.  I am seeing how positive change really is...not this scary monster that I thought it was.  ;o)  I welcome all of you who would like to walk this path with me, to join me.  ♥

I just wanted to share my feelings today, and see who else out there is on this spiritual journey.  It is a personal journey, but yet at the same time there is nothing personal about it!  It's funny how that works.  We are all in this together.... however individually we have to change our thinking and actions to maximize this oneness.  Once we accept this oneness, our world will start changing in such beautiful ways.

I love that I have become so spiritually aware!  It is the most wonderful thing that has happened to me in my 31 years of life!  But sometimes I still feel like I'm signing on to my Facebook page to say, "Hi, I'm Beth...I'm 31, and I talk to Spirit."  Thank you for being my spiritual support group along this path of enlightenment and growth.  I appreciate every single soul who connects with me here, and on Facebook, and in all the ways that I know are to come!  This journey has only begun.....!

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  1. Love this, thank you for being open and sharing with honesty. I am 49, I may have been on a spiritul journey for awhile, just wasn’t really aware of what was going on up until about 6 or 7 months ago. I talk to angels, spirit guides, God, I need to listen and am starting to hear within my hearts definate answers. I love the path I am on but have always resisted change. Hmm, where would I be had I just accepted change or thought for myself. Well, now is definately a new beginning, think I was stuck in the mud for awhile, but there was a period of emotional healing. Its baby steps, but I think they are getting bigger. I believe I am ready.

    • Thank you for sharing Cheryl! ♥

      My journey has been going my whole life…I just didn’t know it….experiencing many things as a child and not realizing what it was. Then a little over 8 years ago my Mom passed away very unexpectedly. It was life changing for me. So, at 23 I REALLY started the change, and it’s been an 8 year journey thus far of growing and learning in a CONSCIOUS way. Does that make sense? I know this sounds weird to say…but without the loss of my Mom, I wouldn’t stand where I am today. It has provided me with an experience and growth that I would have not mastered otherwise. My Mom and I were VERY close…like twins. Her loss was devastating…but it has brought me to such a different understanding in the Spirit world that I would have never gained had she not left this world when she did. Maybe I would have gotten there later…who’s to say. But I truly believe that we had made the agreement with one another on a soul level before we came to this Earth lifetime. I know she is okay, and I am ‘okay’ now too….as much as I will ever be. ;o)

      The journey never ends… ♥

  2. Hi! Thanks for sharing your story 🙂 I too am going through a vey similar stage in my life at the moment. It was only a week or so ago that I mentioned my spiritual page and my readings, I would normally leave all that sort of talk to my divine timing page. I got a few people wanting to know what page it was and wanting to have a reading! I am only just starting out doing readings on here and I am going to my very first festival in a fortnight to give readings and healings. I am very nervous! One of my ‘things’ is to doubt myself and I tend not to start anything new with fear of failure. I felt that my readings were going to take off fast and 2012 is the year of change so im sure there will be lots of new and exciting ventures ahead for not only myself but everyone else also!

    Love and best wishes,
    Donna =)

    • Thank you for sharing Donna! So glad to hear that there are others along a similar path. ♥ Times are changing in our world, and it’s exciting how things just seem to be ‘taking off’ for so many of us. I too feel like 2012 is going to be a big year. Lots of adventures ahead! Glad to be sharing this journey with you. ♥♥♥

  3. What a great conclusion to come to. Sounds like you have found peace with this decision which is all that matters.” Hello Beth that speaks to Spirit!” 🙂

  4. Hello Beth – it’s lovely to meet you <3
    I love reading your posts (tho I somehow missed this one). I am finding that my spiritual journey is a lonely one so I love having Facebook and blogs like yours where I can connect. Many Blessings<3

    • Joy, you are definitely not alone! I am so glad to meet you too. <3
      You are always welcome here, so visit as often as you like! I love your participation and feedback along this journey...as we grow together. ;o)
      Love, Light & Blessings always. <3 Beth

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