Free Distance Healing ~ January 2, 2012

I have been asked by my spirit team to do a free group distance healing to clear out old blockages from 2011.  I will be using re-connective energy for this healing session.  I will start this healing on January 2, 2012 at 7:00am Pacific Standard Time.  These healing sessions typically last 20-30 minutes.  I will write a blog post (on Jan 2nd) about what took place during the healing, and you are welcome to share your impressions and experiences at that time.

All YOU need to do is *add a comment* below THIS post, with your name and the words, "I am open to receive Healing, and removal of blockages".  Please share this so that others may take part in this healing.  This is a "fresh start" to 2012, they say.  =)

I will burn one of my "New Beginnings" Meditation Candles, infused with aromatherapy and crystal therapy during this healing.  If you have one of my beautiful meditation candles, I would recommend burning it during the healing to charge your crystals with intentions for the new year.  =)

Love, Beth and the "Mystic Angels"

189 thoughts on “Free Distance Healing ~ January 2, 2012

  1. My husaband & I have been so depressed for the last several years. We need help. Any movement of blockages will help us. Thank you so much.

  2. Please add me Beth. I’m having major blood pressure issues and they can’t find the cause for it to be so elevated.. Thanks

  3. I am open to recive healing, and the removal of any and all blockages. Thank you so very much!! Blessings Love & Light

  4. Yes please add me if i am not to late thanks so much ….i am open to all healing and removal of all blockages……please add myself kathryn and my mom irene thank you

  5. I am open to receive healing, remove all blockages, for me and my husband and our financial situation. Thank you for this service.

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