Dolphin Essence Candles

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I have been a bit distracted with life lately...but this morning felt ready to take on this new project that I have been asked to do.  I invited the dolphins in for meditaiton, and they instructed me on how to proceed.

Three dolphins came this time.  Of course Kalili came, my original dolphin friend...along with his friend Ono and Rosetta.  They asked me to put all of the clear Quartz crystals into a glass dish (the ones I have special for this project), and into water.  I was then asked to put my hands in the water to do the energy work.  I felt tingling from my shoulders all the way down my arms and into my hands.  They told me they were aligning the crystals with dolphin energy, love, and wisdom.  I finally figured out that what I was actually feeling was their echolocation and energy going down my arms and into the crystals.  This took about 15 minutes.  I then asked them to download this information directly to me, if possible.  I saw my third eye wide open, and it was as if they stuck a 'floppy disc' in my third eye.  I felt like a computer getting a download of information!  It was so fast I have no idea what all they shared with me...about a 1 minute download in all, I would say.  When it was complete I immediately saw a clear Quartz crystal pyramid with different colored lights at the very top, and bright light shining straight up out of the tip top of the pyramid.  They said this is a direct link to Source, and placed the pyramid on top of my head.

I was then told that I am to make 25 candles, each with 7 of the quartz crystals that were just energized.  The crystals will be waiting for you at the bottom of your candle.  When it is burned all the way down, you can then remove your crystals and keep them in the Organza pouch that comes with your candle.  You can enjoy the energy of these programed crystals, even when your candle is finished burning!

When the candles are all made, I have been asked to meet with the dolphins again, so they can align the candles to the energy of their new owners - the dolphins- and all the other people who will have one of these candles.  (This will be done before they are mailed out to you.)  They want to create a "candle pod" with the people who have these candles.  Similar to the pods that dolphins live in.  ;o)  They have told me that they will periodically do additional programming of information into these crystals.  I will post on my page when these happen, so that you can stay informed.  This means that they will meet with me in meditation at certain times in the future to energize and program your quartz crystals, so that they stay "up to date."

I invite you to experience this beautiful energy for yourself by meditating with your very own Dolphin Essence Meditation Candle!

This is an exciting project, and I feel so blessed to be connecting with this beautiful energy of the dolphins!  I can't wait for you to connect with them as well!  You can reserve your candle on my Specials page.  Candles will ship out in mid-February, to give me time to organize resources, make the candles, and allign them with the people who have reserved one.  ♥♥♥  There will only be 25 of these candles made~ reserve yours today!  ♥

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