Discovering Atlantis

Do you believe in Atlantis?  I sure do!  I know I have been a part of that time, and feel connected to it's energy.

I have a beautiful deck of oracle cards by Diana Cooper called Atlantis Cards.  I would like to offer a card for each of you who are subscribed to my blog (that means that you got this post in an email!).  This is a new deck for me, that I have had for some time now.  I am finally getting the pull to work with this deck, practice with it, and get to know it's energy.  If you would like to participate, simply comment under this post, and I will pull a card for you.  I'm excited to practice with this beautiful deck!  I will be giving you the messages just as they are printed on the card.

Also, when you comment please share any thoughts, feelings or experiences you have had that connect you with Atlantis or it's energy.

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♥ Beth

42 thoughts on “Discovering Atlantis

  1. I wonder if Atlantis deck is to find all that one has lost. Or guidance while travelling in uncharted waters.. Which would mean life for me

    I would love to know what they say ♦☼♦

    • Jenn~
      This deck is definitely here to teach us, help us remember, and connect us to the Atlantis energy. ♥


      Connecting to Atlantis:
      “The Temple of Poseidon was built on one of the seven mountains that represented the seven pillars of wisdom or spiritual laws of Atlantis. These remind us that there is no separation from God and show us how to be Masters of our destiny. They also affirm that there is a spiritual working out for all things.”

      Order and Consequences:
      “This card reminds you that you live in an ordered Universe where there is a consequence for all your thoughts, words and actions. You are guided to claim the power to enhance your life by changing your beliefs, understandings and patterns. Watch your thoughts and concentrate on wholesome ones to create the life you want.”


  2. I would love a card pulled for me! When I lived in Atlanta, GA. I knew how real Atlantis was and felt the connection so strong! I know I was a part of it!!

    • Sherry~
      That is fantastic Sherry! Thank you for sharing. ♥

      Your card: CONTENTMENT

      Connecting to Atlantis:
      “In Golden Atlantis, everyone was honored. They were happy to be themselves, so they all enjoyed a sense of deep peace and well-being. Every individual was encouraged to develop his or her gifts and talents, and use them to do what they loved most. This produced a feeling of true contentment. Because their offerings to the community were selfless, they also experienced the satisfaction of working for a vision beyond the self.”

      “This card suggests that it is time to experience a well-deserved feeling of satisfaction. Accept yourself as you are and acknowledge all your good qualities and gifts. Then breathe in quiet contentment. This will enhance your feelings of well-being and attract more harmonious situations to you.”


    • Hello Karla!


      Connecting to Atlantis:
      “The Temple of Poseidon was built on one of the seven mountains that represented the seven pillars of wisdom or spiritual laws of Atlantis. These remind us that there is no separation from God and show us how to be Masters of our destiny. They also affirm that there is a spiritual working out for all things.”

      Order and Consequences:
      “This card reminds you that you live in an ordered Universe where there is a consequence for all your thoughts, words and actions. You are guided to claim the power to enhance your life by changing your beliefs, understandings and patterns. Watch your thoughts and concentrate on wholesome ones to create the life you want.”


    • Hello Joy!

      Your Card: POOLS OF ENERGY

      Connecting to Atlantis:
      “When the final experiment of Atlantis was established, the senior priesthood created a pool of high-frequency energy, which the people could access to enhance their own energy or help them manifest their visions. Later, the Violet Flame was offered to the citizens. This could be visualized or invoked to enable them to transmute any negativity that arose, especially in relationships.”

      Cosmic Help:
      “Your guidance is to call on the Great Cosmic Pool of energy for it is time now to manifest your dreams. Before you invoke the cosmic assistance, be still and focus on your vision. Only negative thoughts can hold you back, so call in or visualize the Violet Flame to dissolve them. Move forward now.”


      • Thank you for my wonderful card reading, Beth. I will definitely use this to help me. My husband may be retiring soon and I feel it is now time to allow myself to have dreams, after so many years of concentrating on raising a family.
        I do feel a connection to Atlantis. There is a lady named Elizabeth Peru (you can find her on facebook) who claims that there is a very strong connection between Atlantis and Adelaide, South Australia, where I live.
        Thank you again ♥

        • Joy,

          That is fantastic, thanks for sharing! I will look up Elizabeth Peru, I have not heard of her. =) I have always wanted to travel to Australia! I will some day! =)

          ♥ Love & Light ♥

      • Hi Marybeth!

        There are a lot of books written about Atlantis ~ one that I have on my bookshelf is: Atlantis: Insights from A Lost Civilization by Shirley Andrews.

        If you feel drawn to learn more, you can search around on and see what calls to you. I also have another book titled, The Lost Lands: A Magickal History of Lemuria, Atlantis & Avalon by Lucy Cavendish.

        These are a great place to start. I am very drawn to Atlantis and the lost lands. You have prompted me to take some time to do some more reading, and I will write some future posts about this topic! =)

        Your Card: TECHNOLOGY

        Connection to Atlantis:
        “The Atlanteans possessed computer technology beyond our wildest dreams or imaginings. Crystal technology, combined with sound and mind power, was used for awesome, high-speed transport, heating, lighting and building. A dome of crystal pyramids over Atlantis provided the grid that protected, powered and energized the great continent. This was totally safe and did not use fossil fuel.
        The Spiritual Hierarchy allowed us to develop technology at this time, so that we would have more time for relaxation and spiritual contemplation!”

        Planetary Responsibility (your message):
        “Do not be over-reliant on technology but use it to give yourself time for your personal growth. Alternatively, this card may suggest that there are more possibilities in your life that you have yet to develop.
        Use your time wisely and explore new possibilities.”

    • Marie~

      Absolutely not! =) I will pull for every person who posts here. ♥

      This card would not come out of the box…and I felt that was a sign that it was your card. ♥

      Your Card: “FUN”

      Connection to Atlantis:
      “In Golden Atlantis, the people enjoyed simple fun and laughter. They loved to play games and sports, dance and socialize, for this is how they exchanged energy. Leisure time was considered most important in making life a pleasure and delight. It was this capacity for joy and lightness that enabled them to maintain their high frequency and allowed them to experience continuous happiness and contentment.”

      “This card suggests that you build leisure time into your life. Plan to have fun and do things that enable you to relax and laugh. Socialize with people who are happy and interesting. At the same time, look at your challenges from a higher perspective and take delight in all the good in the world.

      Lighten up and laugh today.” ♥

    • Hello Sofia,

      Atlantis energy is from the “Lost City of Atlantis.” I will be writing some blog posts soon on my page to share more information for those who are interested in learning more about Atlantis. ♥


      Connection to Atlantis:
      “When the Golden Age of Atlantis was prepared, the Intergalactic Council first built the Temple of Poseidon on the Sacred Heights. The Great Crystal itself was housed in the Temple, which only the highest priests could access. As it shimmered in the sunlight, the general populace looked up at it for inspiration and hope.”

      New Beginnings:
      “This card indicates that it is time for new beginnings. Maybe a new concept, idea or pathway will be presented to you at a much higher level than anything you have previously considered. Therefore it is suggested that you review every aspect of your life from a higher perspective.
      Be aware that people will look to you for guidance, so you are called on to act and speak selflessly and with the utmost integrity.

      Be a guiding light to others.” ♥

  3. I would love a card. I’m not sure the nature of my connection with Atlanris, but there definitely is one! Sometimes I have dreams that take place under the water. There is a lot of healing there.

    • Jen,

      I can’t begin to tell you how water heals me ~ it is incredible! If I am not feeling well, I get in the hot bath, and when I get out I am better. I totally understand your connection to water, as I too have a strong connection to water. All growing up I pretended that I was a mermaid when swimming, and believed with all my heart that they were real (and had water dreams as a mermaid). I was recently told that I indeed had 3 past lives as mermaids, and one of them was during the time of Atlantis. Pretty neat! ♥

      Your Card: “POSITIVITY”

      Connection to Atlantis:
      “In Golden Atlantis, negative words simply did not exist. Nor were there words of resistance like ‘but,’ ‘never’ or ‘cannot’, so nothing impeded the flow of people’s lives. Their vocabulary contained only positive words and concepts and the people were immersed in wholesome ideas and thoughts. They constantly affirmed the happiness and contentment of the moment. Because of this, under spiritual law, they could only attract good things into their lives, which inevitably moved forward smoothly.”

      Watch Your Thoughts:
      “Watch your thoughts, words and beliefs today. Eliminate everything negative- including words of gossip, doubt or fear. Decide on your personal goal and your vision for your community and the world. Then focus wholeheartedly on it. Your life must inevitably accelerate, so expect to move forward now.

      Success awaits you.” ♥

    • Hazel~

      You bet! I am happy to pull a card for you! =)

      Your Card: “COOPERATION”

      Connection to Atlantis:
      “In the golden times of Atlantis, everyone cooperated selflessly for the highest good, with the benefit that they all felt safe and nurtured. The people also pooled everything- their produce, gifts, skills and work. All was offered with love to the community. There was no such thing as money. Because each family took only what it needed, there was always plenty for everyone and a sense of abundance prevailed.”

      “What can you share today? It may be your friendship, your time or something more tangible. Receiving this card guides you to give away anything you no longer need. It also suggests that you co-operate with others for the greater good. Be generous-hearted and your rewards from the Universe will be great.

      Co-operate in a vision greater than yourself.” ♥

  4. I had Atlantis mentioned in a past life reading although it was pretty vague and I don’t remember much about it. I have a lot of dreams relating to water but this is more symbolic of emotions and stuff. I don’t think it’s specifically related to Atlantis although I haven’t read much about it.

    • Hi Amanda,

      We are once again as a world moving back towards the Atlantis energy. This is a huge shift happening between now and 2032.

      Your Card: TWELVE CHAKRAS

      Connection to Atlantis:
      “In Golden Atlantis every person had twelve chakras and twelve strands of active DNA. When the frequency of Atlantis declined, five chakras closed down. Following this, ten of the strands of DNA, which contained people’s evolved psychic and spiritual powers, became dormant and are currently known as junk DNA. We are now called on to re-activate the chakras and our full DNA potential.”

      “You are reminded that you have enormous, untapped, spiritual and psychic powers. By relaxing deeply you can start to activate your cellular knowledge and bring back the wisdom you held in Atlantis. Your guidance is to access this potential. Find time and space to become quiet and still so that you can remember who you truly are.

      Relax and tun into your potential.” ♥

      • That’s interesting, it’s another card relating to taking time to sit by myself and relax. I’ve never heard of the 12 chakras before but it does sound like a nice way to get in touch more with myself.

  5. I feel as though I am connected to Atlantis. I know I lived a past life in Atlantis. It is my fascination. I bought Diana Cooper Atlantis Cards last year. I love the cards. Can you pull a card for me please?
    Thank you

    • I assume this is Lisa M.? I will delete the other post so I don’t get confused. =)

      I would love to pull a card for you today. I am really enjoying these cards and what they have to offer!

      Your Card: BLACK MAGE

      Connection to Atlantis: “The Magi were highly-trained shamans, alchemists and magicians with truly awesome powers. During the Golden Age, they used these skills for the benefit of all and were greatly revered. When the Magi decided to use their power for their own enrichment and ego-aggrandisement, the frequency of Atlantis spiraled down. Everything on Earth has a natural cycle. The Golden Age was the pinnacle of light, followed by aeons of darkness. Now it is time to rise once more to a higher frequency.

      Change: This card indicates the end of a cycle. In this plane of duality, situations and relationships inevitably end, making room for different experiences. It is time to watch your ego and purify yourself, so that the new can be better than the old.

      Watch your ego as you prepare for change.”

    • Julia~

      Your Card: PRESENCE

      Connecting to Atlantis: In Golden Atlantis, the people focused on the delight of the moment. They lived in the ‘now’ so there were no tenses or words for past or future. Because every feeling and thought contributes to creating the future, the Atlanteans automatically built one that was happy and benign. Furthermore, because they were emotionally present for other people, everyone felt acknowledged and cared for.

      Live In The Now:
      Your guidance is to be fully present, emotionally as well as physically, for yourself and others today. The past is gone and churning about it is wasted energy. The future is yet to be written for you manifest it with your current thoughts. Make sure your mind-focus is positive and constructive.

      Remain aware at all times. ♥

  6. I am interested in receiving a message from the Atlantis deck. Honestly, I have always been skeptical of Atlantis (that’s my logical left brain trying to dominate). My right brain “knows” that legends and myths are rooted in meaning and truth…

    • Wiski,

      Haha! This card is very fitting in answer to what you just said. ;o)

      Your Card: EDUCATION

      Connection to Atlantis:
      “In Golden Atlantis, a trained priest would examine a child’s aura to discover his or her inborn gifts and talents, which were then developed. The learning temples were peaceful, quiet places where relaxation was induced by appropriate music and color to open the right brain of the student. Then the priest would telepathically impart spiritual knowledge directly into his or her mind. He or she could also absorb information directly into the third eye from certain crystals, into which higher priests or the Magi had programmed specific information.

      Learn or Teach:
      Drawing this card suggests that you open yourself to new learnings by relaxing and absorbing information rather than in the old, logical, structured way. Alternatively, it may be time for you to teach others. In this case, draw from your own wisdom, not books.

      Open up to learn. Then spread the knowledge.”

      They want you to know that Atlatis was/is ‘real.’ ♥

  7. Hello Beth, I have followed you on FB for awhile, but this is the first time I’ve been on your site. Is it too late to ask for an Atlantis message? I remember being on Atlantis, I remember the fall. My current Guardian Angel, Alena, and I lived on Atlantis together all those centuries ago. Sometimes I feel so nostalgic for that time. If you have time, I would sure appreciate it!

      • Lisa M~

        Your Card: THE ICE AGE

        “A two-thousand-year ice age allowed Earth to detoxify, rest and purify, so that the planet could vibrate at a higher frequency. During the ice age, the Intergalactic Council was able to plan the fifth and final experiment of Atlantis, heralding the Golden Age – the most glorious and spiritual time there has ever been on this planet.”

        Preparation Time:
        “If you choose this card, it indicates that a time of rest and relaxation is needed. Use this space to look within and purify your beliefs and thoughts. This is a time to contemplate or meditate on your life-purpose and prepare yourself so that the new can come into your life at a higher frequency than the old.”

        The seeds of new beginnings are germinating. ♥

    • Hello Julianne,

      That is fantastic! I would love to hear a few of the things you remember from this time! I myself spent time in Lemuria. ♥

      Your Card: CLAIRVOYANCE

      “All the Atlanteans of the Golden Age were clairvoyant for their third eyes were fully open. They could see the invisible realms, the angels, spirit guides, unicorns and nature spirits and they communicated with animals and plants. Because they could all see auras and their intuition was finely-honed, they were aware of the feelings and energies of everyone around them. This awareness promoted compassion and caring. Also, because nothing could be hidden, everyone was open, truthful and honest.”

      Psychic Gifts:
      “There are many ways of seeing with your inner vision. You may physically see pictures on your inner screen, you may sense or you may ‘know.’ It is time to develop your third eye more and trust your intuition.”

      Trust your inner vision and knowing. ♥

  8. Hi there Beth, I first came across Atlantis from Diana Cooper’s book given to me by my cousin more than a year ago. When I’m by the sea it always refreshes and energises me, so I feel I am somehow connected though not knowing consciously right now. It kind of resonates, so I’m sure the more I learn the more I’d feel connected. Thanks a lot 🙂 x

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