Ancient Prophecies for 2012

My aim in the coming weeks is to read up on 2012 and Atlantis (I have books on my shelf that have been waiting to be read), and share that information with you.  My current book read is 2012 And Beyond, by Diana Cooper.  The first section of the book addresses "Ancient Prophecies for 2012".  The words here are a great start to what I know we will be discussing here on my page in the coming weeks.  Enjoy these words by Diana Cooper...

"The 21st December 2012 signifies the end of a 26,000-year astronomical period as well as a 260,000-year one.  For the first time in the history of our planet, we are undertaking a double transformational leap.  The possibilities for spiritual growth are enoumous which is why nearly seven billion spirits have been allowed to incarnate for this monumental opportunity.  And all the universes, without exception, are watching our progress with wonder and awe."

~The 260,000-Year Period Ending 21st December 2012~

"This marks the end of the Atlantean era.  The experiment of Atlantis was set up 260,000 years ago.  It took 10,000 years to plan and prepare and lasted for 240,000 years.  Although the landmass collapsed 10,000 years ago we are still within its influence until the end of 2012.
The aim of Atlantis was to see if humans could maintain a physical body, enjoy free will and still keep their connection with Source.  There were many other humans who lived on other continents during that period but they were not part of that particular design.  The final and fifth 10,000-year Atlantean period was a controlled experiment and durign this time the Golden Age of Atlantis arose and lasted for 1,500 years.  This period is the subject of my book Discover Atlantis.  The divine vision is to bring back the energy of Golden Atlantis at an even higher level after 2032, this time for the whole world."

If you are looking for some book titles to read up on Atlantis, here are the ones on my shelf that I can recommend:

Discover Atlantis by Diana Cooper

Atlantis: Insights from a lost civilization by Shirley Andrews

The Lost Lands: A Magickal History of Lemuria, Atlantis, & Avalon by Lucy Cavendish

There are SO many books on the subject, so I recommend browsing Amazon, and picking the ones that stand out to you.  =)

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