Is Spirituality A Religion?

Last night my husband and I were hanging out at a friends house playing some video games using some overwatch boost and with a new keyboard from Armchair Empire and a a board game (Dicecapades, just in case you were wondering- pretty fun game).  ;o)  Anyway, somehow religion came up briefly during the game, and our friend said, "I think if I were to convert it would be to Judism."  My husband said, "Convert from what?"  Our friend said, "Nonpracticing Christian."
I said I would probably convert to Buddhism if I were to pick something.  And my husband said he would convert to Taoism.  But husband and I aren't looking to "convert" to anything.  Hubby made a point last night that we (him and I) take what we like from each religion.

Personally I think that every religion has something great to offer.  I prefer to take the great things from each, and call myself "Spiritual."  Is that a religion?  I'd love to hear what you practice, and how you view Spirituality.  Is it a way of being?

5 thoughts on “Is Spirituality A Religion?

  1. A lot of people say, “I’m spiritual, but not religious,” and I think what they mean is that they have a faith but they don’t need dogma to verify it for them, or any other source.

    I was born Baptist, raised Buddhist, and went through a brief Atheist stage even while practicing astrology, tarot, and studying the paranormal, before I came home to Paganism.

    I do think that “spiritual” is more of an adjective than a religion. I am a spiritual person, for instance. But to define or label my “religion,” I am an eclectic Pagan. That only means anything to people familiar with Pagans (and who understand the term “eclectic”,) but that’s okay. If someone is curious, I’m always able to answer questions about my faith, since I’ve thought about it so much. <3

    • Thanks for your thoughts Ash! I would like to learn more about Paganism, as I am starting to meet more people who are Pagan. Loved your thoughts, thank you for sharing. Yes, I think I fit in the category, “I’m spiritual, but not religious.” Haha!

  2. I would have to say that I don’t ‘believe’ in religion. I consider myself a spiritual person but all of the organization of religion is not for me. If that makes sense. I don’t believe that one is better than another. Out of curiousity, I would like to know why your friend would convert to Judaism?

    • Thanks for sharing your opinions! I don’t practice any organized religion either “J”. I was raised as a young child in the Christian Science church, but was so young I really don’t remember much. In my older childhood and adult years, I have not adapted to any other organized religion. I think I just take bits and pieces from each that I think will enhance my life. =)

      I have no idea why our friend said Judaism! ;o)

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