Green Mom Meets Green Mom

I was recently web searching and came across a fantastic blog called New Age Mama.  Laura is a stay at home Mom (just like me), who is not only a book author, but she does reviews and giveaways on her blog pages.  She is particularly interested in things that are green, organic, and homeopathic.  I thought Laura would be the perfect person to share my all natural candles with!  After contacting Laura and asking which candle she would like me to send to her, she said as a writer she would enjoy a Creativity Candle.  I was happy to fill her request!  =)


Laura wrote a beautiful review of my candles and posted it on both of her blogs pages.  Thank you Laura!  There is also a Meditation Candle Giveaway as part of the review!  Go check out Laura’s pages to see how to enter your name for a free Mystic Meditation Candle!  Larua Deluca, and New Age Mama are the two places where you can view this Mystic Meditation Candle review and giveaway.  Laura has so many other wonderful reviews and giveaways to offer as well!  She is an incredible writer, and has a book for sale titled Destiny.

I feel incredibly blessed to have connected with Laura Deluca.  Remember, there is no such thing in this world as a “coincidence.”  Enjoy these blog pages!  =)

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