From You to Me and Me to You


Today I got some motivation to do some organizing and cleaning out in the garage.  A couple months ago my brother loaded up my Dad’s car full of some things I had left behind from teenage years, and brought it out to our new home.  I finally got around to going through those things today.

I am feeling guided to write this post today, as I feel that it will help someone at this time (maybe you?).  When I was 14 years old and just starting high school, my Mom bought a journal.  She wrote on the inside {where it says “This Book Belongs to ____”}, “Beth (and Mom)”.  Date 8/31/1994  This was just a few days after my 14th Birthday.

Here is the first entry in our new “Mother/Daughter” journal:

August 31, 1994


Today you started on a new adventure- high school!  As I pass your “empty” room, I wonder how your classes are going, if you are taking good notes, if you are sitting up front and listening, and eating a good lunch!  What else would you expect from a Mother?!
Anyway, as a Mom, I know there will be times over the next few years that we will disagree or have thoughts (problems) that are more easily put on paper than speaking them.  That’s what this book is for!
When I have something special to say on paper, I will write it here for you and put the book on your pillow.  If you have something to say on paper to me, you can write it here and put the book on my pillow!
I want the time you have left here at home with us to be a very happy time.  I’m hoping this book will help us accomplish that together!
So…today I would just give this advise as you meet new friends and teachers.  Be kind and friendly to everyone – it will make you a happier person!

Love ya,
Mom  Smile

This is how I started out high school. With the most articulate, loving, and positive Mom I could have ever asked for.  I was so blessed to have such a wonderful and caring Mother!  I pass this on to you, as you may be ready to send off your children to high school, or perhaps they already are in high school.  It is a tough time in life!  Making new friends, making the grades, and learning a little bit more about who you really are.  I encourage you, if you have children, to think about starting a journal with them, so that a healthy and non-threatening dialog can take place.  It is sometimes so much easier to write something than to say it out loud.  I know by reading the entries in this journal that it was a tremendous support during this time of transition in my life.  I remember it like it was yesterday, and I remember feeling relieved that I could write things to my Mom without feeling vulnerable in my words.

I just want you to take a notice to her very last sentence-
“Be kind and friendly to everyone – it will make you a happier person!”

This isn’t just true of a young high school student. This is true for all of us, at any time in our lives!  Be kind to everyone, and love those that sometimes seem unlovable.  It will make you a happier person, I guarantee it!  Thank you Mom for this wonderful life advice!  I know you are watching down on me, and I thank you for guiding me in this life, even from Heaven at this moment.

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