What does Chakra mean?

I have had this idea to make a "Chakra" candle ever since I started making my crystal candles.  There has been some expressed interest in a candle like this, so I have put one together, finally!  =)

What does Chakra mean?
Chakra means "Wheel" in Sanskrit.  Consciousness and energy move from one frequency to another in spiraling fashion.  The body has energy centers that look like spinning wheels and are called Chakras.  They allow energy to flow from one part of the body to another.  By working on these chakras you can re-enforce their energy which will energize your body and your spirit.

I have made a candle with 7 stones in it~ clear quartz, amethyst, sodalite, rose quartz, citrine, carnelian, & hematite.  Each one of these crystals assists with a different chakra.  (You can see which ones correlate to which ones on my Mystic Meditation Candles page.

I have a really beautiful and grounding aromatherapy to go with this candle.  This is THE perfect Crystal Meditation Candle, truly for Meditation and the Spirit.

I use 100% pure essential oils, and they are much more expensive than 'fragrances'.  My crystal candles are truly all natural candles, made with quality and love!  This meditation blend cost a little more than the other ones I use, so with the added oil cost and the added crystals in the candle, this candle is slightly more expensive than the other ones.

This is a truly beautiful crystal candle for the Soul!

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