Through the Eyes of a Child

A friend asked me today about my experience or advice about children who see spirit.  While I am not an expert, I do have some ideas and opinions that I have gathered over the years, including experience from my childhood, and experience with my own son.

First of all, look at the picture above.  This is my beautiful son, Kyle.  I know I am his Mother, but I don't just notice a kid smiling for a photo....those eyes just pull me in!  There is something so deep and magical about his eyes.  They tell a story...I just haven't figured out which one yet...  he is definitely more than just a 3 year old boy inside that body of his!

I read part of a book a long while back, when my kiddo was a baby.  It's called Children's Past Lives: How Past Life Memories Affect Your Child, by Carol Bowman.  I think I remember somewhere in this book where it says that around age 2-3 years old is when a child really can remember and articulate a past life, if they are going to do so.  I have always asked questions, and tried to help Kyle remain as open as he can be...but he was really not much of a talker until his late 2's and early 3's.  I sense that we have missed the window of opportunity to find out what Kyle remembered from past lives or even just before coming here "this time around."  He is so into "reality" now, that I think he has already forgotten what he once may have been able to tell me, had he the vocabulary to do so.  He now has the vocabulary...but is too caught up in planes, trains, cars, and whatever is going on right now.  He is a busy and active boy!

When Kyle was younger, he would talk about seeing our cat, Shadow, after she had passed away.  I do believe that he saw things (and I'm sure still does)...but he is not sharing that with us as much anymore...I'm not sure why.  I am very sensitive to supporting him in whatever gifts or experiences he is having...even as a 3 year old, because when I was a child I did see things, and I was told it was "just a dream."  I don't think my parents intentionally tried to shut down my gifts, they just really didn't know that any of it meant anything, or was "real."

I am now a Mother, and trying to see things through the eyes of my child.  I am trying to understand whatever it is that he open to, and foster those gifts in any way that I can.  I don't want him to shut down and forget, like I did.  That is a much longer process, lol.

We do believe that our son sees Auras.  This is not a gift that either my husband or I have acquired, so this is new for us.  But, we are totally willing to learn and support Kyle in developing this further if he wishes to do so.  We figured this out one day when he started describing peoples "brains" and "hearts" as colors.  He was saying what color Daddy's brain was, and what color his heart was.  And then for Mommy, and Kyle too.  We all had different colors, and combinations.  The first time he said that I was purple and purple.  It changed depending on the day you asked him after that.  I don't know what these colors mean, or how to help him foster this gift, but I sure would like to.  If any of you out there have experience with auras, I would love to hear what you have to say.

It's interesting to me to think about how close my son is to Source energy.  He just came from there not too long ago...and it sure would be neat for him to remember, and even teach us what he does remember.  Wouldn't that be something?!

I am not an expert on the subject of children and seeing spirit...however, I do know that it is important to support your child if they do say they are seeing or hearing things.  Please do not blow them off or tell them it's not real...or even say "it was just a dream."  It is real...whether you can see it/hear it or not.  Especially if they are scared of something.  I saw things a lot as a child, and I was scared a lot.  I had no one to support me, I was just told it was a bad dream.  My son for a while was saying that he saw "orange monsters" in his room.  I told him that if he didn't want them there, all he had to do was say, "Go away monsters."  It's all about giving your child the control and power over what he/she allows into their energy field.  I don't doubt that Kyle saw something in his room...and whether it was good or bad energy is irrelevant at this point.  If it made him uncomfortable, then he has the right to ask them to leave.  As he gets older, and as I evolve (lol), he will learn how to discern what is 'okay' and what is not.  I didn't feel it was bad energy...I actually think he was seeing angels....but that's okay.  When he's ready, he will invite them in.  He doesn't mention them I'm not sure if they have been uninvited all-together, or if he has made "friends" with the energy in his space.  ;o)  I just know that I do not want him to feel scared like I did as a child.  I know that his "good angels" are with him and keeping him safe.

Let's discuss.  Please comment below and share your experiences as a child, or with your children (or children in your life).  I would love to learn more, and toss ideas we all do our best to usher in this new generation of sensitive souls.  Let's help each other see things "through the eyes of a child"....

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  1. Hi Beth….have you ever read any of Doreen Virtue’s books? I think she has one on colors and aura’s, I will do some more research on it 🙂


  2. I do have several of her books on my shelf…20 that I can count, lol! I don’t have one on auras and colors however. Thanks for the suggestion, I can do some research as well. =)

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