Giving Away Your Power?

Hello fellow coffee drinkers (and those who aren't, hello to you too!).  ;o)  I'm having my morning cup of Hazelnut coffee, with Vanilla creamer...Yummmy!  While making my coffee this morning I had a random thought....

How much power do we give away to other people?


I will admit, I am not perfect, and my life is a journey- believe me!  Lots of learning and growing!!  But, along the way somewhere I learned that each one of us has incredible power.  We have the power to help others, love, play, and rejoice in all the wonderful things in the world.  But we also have the ability to give our power away, and for some people it is given away too easily.  I used to be one of those people.  When someone said something that hurt my feelings or my character, I would repeat it in my head over and over to the point where I would start to believe it.  I would then start looking for other people in my life to show signs of feeling the same way.  Have you ever done this?

When we allow other people to "get under our skin", we give our power away.  It is not worth it- that is one person, and one opinion - in one moment of time.  Maybe that person is jealous, or having a bad day.  And to alleviate their own discomfort, they said something hurtful to you to make themselves feel better.  I've been on this end of it too...not proud of it, but my husband has suffered a comment or two from me, when I was having a bad day - and it had nothing to do with him!  I have realized now what this looks like, and have become much more conscious about what I say, when, and to whom.

When someone says something hurtful, make all efforts to let it roll off your back, and go on with your life.  It may have nothing to do with you at all!  Do not give that person your power, by buying into their opinion.  And if this person does this on a regular need to let them go all-together.  There is no reason to keep people around who make you feel terrible all the time!  This is another lesson I have learned over my short (but what feels like long) 31 years of life.  ;o)

You have all the power in your world! You have power over how you think, feel, and act (or react).  Do not allow other people who may be negative to get in the way of your beautiful shining light.  You are a bright light, so shine for all in this world to see!  Take your power back, and do not be so free to give it away.  Let other people's issues be theirs to keep, and do not take them on as your own.  You are beautiful, loved, and radiant!  Go shine, shine, shine!  And don't let anyone else turn your light off for any reason.

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