Manifestation: 101

You know, I am not an expert...and it has certainly taken me a looooong time to finally get here... but I have had some experience in manifestation over the last 12 months- BIG TIME!  So, I thought I would share just a few of my experiences.

I finally got fed up with the way life was going.  We were financially poor, emotionally poor, and life was generally bleh.  I was a stay at home Mom for 2 years, but decided to go back to teaching this last year (I am a middle school band teacher).  My intention was to try and "do something different."  Cause what we were doing wasn't working.  My husband was working for himself as a remodeling contractor, and with the economy (and the help of our negative attitudes), we were struggling.  I put my son in daycare, which was heart breaking for me.  I wanted to be home to raise him, and it was clear to me that he wanted to be home with me too.  It was a challenging year, as I went from part time as the choir and drama teacher (which I had never taught before) - to halfway through the year being the full time band teacher and technology teacher.  The band thing was no problem, that is what I do!  Technology...another new thing that I had to wrap my head around.  It was a challenging year, and while it wasn't my first year teaching (it was my 4th)...there were times when I had that first year teacher feeling.  It was a rough year...but it brought about so many amazing things in the process!  The biggest thing it brought back was my self confidence! 

I was making new friends, I was part of a 'team', I had my students that always made me either want to laugh or scream (lol) was a positive place to be, where I learned how to be BETH again, and not just "Mom."   It was a "young" campus, meaning that the average age of a teacher there was between 30-40 years old.  This was the perfect place for me!  I was overweight, and I finally decided to start doing something about it.  I started running, with the encouragement of other staff members on campus who were running and very fit!  I will have to go into that story another time...but it's an amazing journey to share.  =)

When I decided I was going to go back to work, I basically decided that it was going to be in the same school district in which I had worked before.  I had already planted the seed...did everything I needed to do to renew my teaching certificate just in time for the start of the year - on a year round schedule.  I just knew that is where I was going to work.  I was hired a week after the start of school... and it was a whirlwind of a year (as you may have already gotten the gist).  The point was...I had created this job where there really weren't any "music" positions out there because of the economy, let alone in the best school district in the city.

Fast forward to the past 6 months.  We have relocated to a new state (the decision was made and we literally moved in 3 weeks).  We were able to short sale our home to get out from beneath it, which was another sign that we were moving in the right direction.  I was "randomly" drawn to run in the Nike Women's Marathon in San Fransisco.  (You know there is no such thing as "random", right?)  I created my beautiful meditation candles...have a beautiful website (with the help of my darling husband), and I just reached 1002 fans on my Facebook Page today!  =)  I also was "randomly" drawn to get exclusive tickets to Disney's Club 33!  What is next...?!!  =)

Do you know how I did it?  Nope, no vision boards here (I'm too lazy, lol).  I simply imagine what I want in my head...I see it...and I feel all the emotions of that desire, just like it is now.  That is the important part feeling.  I can wish and hope for a million dollars all day long until I am blue in the face!  But until I get to that feeling place of a million dollars, and take the appropriate action to get me's not going to just show up on my doorstep.  (I obviously haven't gotten to that feeling place yet, lol, otherwise I would be telling you about how I got a million dollars!)  LOL  But I am working on it!  ;o)

I think that is the biggest fail for people when trying to manifest.  People say to themselves, "Ok, I'm going to give this positive thinking thing a shot."  They ask for something big...put it out to the Universe....and then after a week of it not showing up they say, "See, I knew it wasn't really going to happen."  Instant fail.

Want to know the secret to manifestation?  1) Feel what it feels like to have it now.  2) Don't give up! 3) Keep feeling what it feels like to have it now.  And 4) Don't give up!

What is it that you want right now?  Have fun manifesting it!  You can have it!  =)


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  1. Dear Beth, I love your blog and that you never gave up despite what you have been going through. I myself experience a very tough time and I still keep on hoping to cope with the everyday struggle. I am unemployed for almost a year now and it is very difficult to find a job over here in Germany. My husband is also unemployed, but besides that we do every day things together that keep us busy and do not focus on our bad situation.

  2. Thank you for your response Ingrid. I’m sorry to hear of your job struggles. I know how it is, the job thing isn’t going so well out here in the US either. Keep your chin up and dream up the job that you want. If you want it for long enough, and imagine yourself doing it every day (you must FEEL joyful about it when you think about it)…it will become real. =) Best wishes to you and your husband as you continue your search. That is wonderful that you are taking the time to focus on each other, despite the situation. Lots of love!

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