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I was reading the blog over at Earth Fire Reiki & Rituals, and the question asked is "Who Am I?"  Well, I am ME.  =)  I am love.  I am light.  I am a work in progress....

I am a daughter, sister, wife, mother, aunt, friend, musician, runner, candle maker, and teacher.  It wasn't until my Mom suddenly passed away in 2003 at the young age of 64, that I truly opened up to my gifts.  Her passing was very unexpected, and it has changed my life in so many ways.  My husband and I had only been dating 4 months when my Mom passed.  Honestly, I don't know how our relationship survived the stress that this brought into my, and now our life.  It was very traumatic for me to loose my Mother and best friend at my age of 23...and it truly changed who I am and my path in this life!  We are now 8 years later, and married with a beautiful 3 year old son!

My spiritual journey really started when I lost my Mom.  I started learning who I really am, and what I am meant to do here this time around.  My learning began, and I have been growing in my gifts ever since.  I had many experiences as a child, both remembered and I'm sure some forgotten...but I just did not know what it all meant.  I saw things when I was a child, but was told that they were "dreams."  I know better now.

I had a reading done by Laurie Campbell shortly after my Mother passed. This was a stretch for me, as I was totally a skeptic.  My reading was so amazing, so needed, and she actually spent an extra hour (for free) talking to me about ME.  She told me that I could (with some time) communicate with my Mom myself, and asked me if I see, hear, or feel things.  After talking a bit about this, I realized that things that I see, hear, and feel, are more than I thought!

My journey started by me asking {the Universe} for a teacher/mentor.  I promptly, and quite "randomly" ended up at a presentation done by Mary Ketaily, a most wonderful Animal Communicator.  If you have pets, I can't recommend Mary enough!!!!!  She is so wonderful!!  Anyway, meeting Mary put me in touch with Stephanie StClaire, whom I ended up studying many metaphysical teachings, ideas, and practices...including healing, clearing, and dowsing.  I took classes with Stephanie for a number of years.  And along the way I had the privilege of experiencing healings given by George Nakata.  I more recently was introduced to Ashley Snow, who helped me a great deal while my husband and I went through a transition of moving locations for a new job.  She introduced me to The Growing Muse Program, which is where I met Kendra of Earth Fire Reiki & Rituals.  Kendra became my mentor for the 4 week program, and now here I am!

Funny how one reading so many years ago could perpetuate such a stream of events and people in my life to completely change my life forever!  I am now hearing Spirit, doing angel card readings, clearings, healings, and making Meditation Candles with Crystals and Aromatherapy.  (They are 100% All Natural.)

My husband has been a guiding light for me. He has fully supported me along the way, never questioning my validity, or sanity, lol!  He truly has allowed me to be free to be ME!  Through all the ups and downs, changes, and learning over the years...he has loved me through it all.  I am so blessed to have such a wonderful partner in this life, who truly supports me, no matter how the path twists and turns.  I gave a list somewhere towards the beginning of this post about all the things that define me.  But really, if you want to know the truth...I am just ME.  I am love.  I am light.  I. AM. ME.  =)

.....Ya know, this really doesn't answer the question, Who Am I?...I'm going to have to meditate more on this question, and I'll get back to you when I am enlightened on the subject. ;o)

So.....Who are YOU?  =)

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