Health & Wellness Package

Health & Wellness Package Peaceful Sitting Position

This is the ultimate package in the area of Wellness. This package includes a 6 card Health spread, Aura Balance, and Energy Healing Session.


Angel Card Reading

Angel wings angel reading

Angel Card readings are useful in finding clarity in different areas of your life. This is a 6 card reading, plus any intuitive messages from your Angels and Guides.


Pay It Forward Angel Reading

This is a very special offer! In addition to receiving your 3 card spread for your highest good, you will have the opportunity to pay it forward by having a 3 card reading sent to a friend or family member.


30 Days of Readings

30 days of readings beach scene

This is a great way to stay connected to your Angels daily. Starting the day you send payment, I will pull one Angel/Oracle card for you every day for 30 days. Your reading and an image of your card will be emailed to you every day to the email address you provide.


7 Days of Readings

7 days of readings palm tree sunset

Enjoy a week of angel messages in your e-mail! I will pull one card for you every day, for a week. Just like the 30 day readings, each card will be drawn specifically for you. The angels will send messages to assist in bringing even more happiness and success to your life. This is a great introduction to the 30 day readings that I offer.


Gemstone Reading

Gemstone Reading colorful image

Angel Gemstone readings can give you insight as to what is going on in your life right now, as well as assist you in choosing crystals or gemstones that will help balance and heal your life. Each card pulled is a crystal or gemstone that will benefit you right now, along with a message from your angels/guides.


Distance Healing

The Aura is the human energy field that surrounds the body. Everything in the Universe is composed of energy. This distance healing can be sent around the world…energy is energy! Balance and energize your spirit with this healing energy package.


House Clearing

house clearing cottage home

Whether you are moving into a new home, out of an old one…or staying where you are ~ house clearings can be beneficial for increasing the energy or the ‘vibe’ of your home.


How does a reading work?

Whether you are looking for divine guidance through the cards, would like a topic for meditation, or just need a creative way to change your perspective about a problem, a reading can help.  I meditate on your question, connect to your angels, and pull one or more cards from which ever decks I'm guided to (you may specify a deck as well).  I will provide you with a reading using intuitive insights as well as traditional messages and meanings of the cards if guided to provide them. I will then type out the messages, and send them to you in an email, along with a photo of your cards.   If there is a service you are interested in, but don't see, please contact me and we can discuss it. Please see Guidelines for Angel Card Readings before purchasing a reading.

Typically readings are delivered to your inbox in 3-4 days from purchase.  Sometimes sooner, sometimes later {up to a week, but not past a week}.  Your purchase starts the asking process, and just as you would put in an order for items (like Amazon, for example), your energy order has to be collected, packaged, and delivered.  Please be patient with the process, and trust in the timing of your messages.  My energy must be in a space of receiving, and I will never try to force a reading if the timing is not right.  I try to touch base via email within 24-48 hours of receiving an order, just to let you know where I am at with the scheduling of your session(s). The weekends are my time with my family.  I look forward to connecting with you very soon.  Namaste. 

Oracle Card Decks I use:

*Angel Therapy
*Archangel Oracle Cards
*Archangel Michael Oracle Cards
*Archangel Raphael Healing Oracle Cards
*Ascended Masters
*Goddess Guidance
*Messages from Your Angels
*Daily Guidance from Your Angels
*Magical Unicorns
*Magical Messages from the Fairies
*Magical Mermaids & Dolphins
*Earth Magic
*Universal Wisdom
*Wisdom of the Hidden Realms
*Life Purpose Oracle Cards
*The Romance Angels Oracle Cards
*Gaia Oracle
*Divine Guidance
*Angels of Atlantis
*Universal Love
*Spirit Oracle
*The Enchanted Map Oracle
*The Wisdom of Avalon Oracle
*Crystal Oracle
*Gateway Oracle
*Soul Vibes
*Angels of Atlantis

 Guidelines for Angel Card Readings

1. Readings give you a glimpse of how things are RIGHT NOW, at the time of the reading. For example, if you ask the angels about opening a business and they say it will be successful, it will be. However, if the next day, you decide to NOT open a business, the cards would change, as your path has changed. Also, if you choose not to follow the guidance suggested, your path and cards may change, as well.

2. Pay attention to your immediate thoughts, ideas, and reactions when you see the title of a card. While I receive messages from your angels, you may often have a different interpretation or understanding of what the card means. I suggest you write down your thoughts when you first explore the reading.

3.When performing a reading, if a card jumps or drops from the deck, it holds a great deal of significance. Pay close attention to what the card says and how you feel when you read the description.

4. Angels often want you to use your own intuition to answer your questions. If you ask a specific question, you most likely will not receive a 'yes' or 'no' answer. The angels will give you ideas and suggestions and it is up to you as to whether you follow their suggestions.

5. All humans have free-will. You can decide whether or not to believe or act upon the messages sent to you.

6. I act as a messenger for your angels. My goal is to give you an unbiased reading that will bring blessings into your life. I cannot tell the future or tell you anything with certainty. All I can do is pass on what the cards suggest and hope that they bring you joy and peace.

7. I always enjoy re-reading my angel readings after a few weeks or months have passed. It is interesting to see how things manifested. Therefore, I suggest that you save your reading to review it at a later date.

All clients must be at least 18 years of age. You understand that there will be no refund after the services or a reading has been given. Readings are not to be used in place of professional or medical advice. We are not responsible for any decisions or actions made based on readings. It is also understood that by scheduling a reading or healing session that you are agreeing to the above terms.